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Hi all!! As you can guess from the title, today's post is about my birthday celebrations for 2012!!:)))

First and foremost the wordy parts come in so if you hate lengthy posts, skip on to the pictures below :)

Really really, the biggest thank you ever goes to my lovely parents :') For you know, raising me up and really giving me the best they can provide. Although both their tempers aren't the best and it makes me frustrated sometimes, but i know they get angry because they really care, or sometimes its work stress for my dad O.O They've really worked hard to give me and my siblings a comfortable life which i am very thankful for and appreciate alot.

And for not putting stress on me studies wise unlike the famous tiger mums/(dads) some Singaporean parents are, as can be seen from some of my friends. Even when i fail quizzes or don't get As or whatnot sometimes, they tell me its okay and they're proud of me because i have done my best :') I'm really glad for this point as well:) My mum even makes a joke out of it sometimes haha. "orh, you got B for LA(language arts) ah? Never mind la, quite good already!! I tell you last time your mum ah get straight Cs for LA one." And i'll be like "LOL MUMMMM" but im thankful inside :) <3 So yes, thank you daddy and mumsie! <3<3<3

Of course not forgetting my friends who have made my life such a blast in school and out of school! Specially my crazy tootsie friends Sylvia, Nicole, Chay, Muiyee, Yipz, Caiwen, tzeshe etc :) You guys mean so much to me! Even though i tease you alot sylvia, you are forever my llama best friend hahaha XD Love you guys:)

And my relatives in malaysia as well! My relationship with my grandaunt, granduncle and my fav aunt is one that most cannot comprehend. They brought me up when i was just born and have seen me grow till today, and we have a special bond that is strong and unbreakable. Though i only see them once every two weeks or so, that special day spent with them will be my best day ever in the week. :')

So thank you everyone, even though i may not mention your names here but you are all loved<3

Okay now for the pictures!! and presents with love from everyone :')

PS: For those who cannot stand seeing others get gifts, please exit this page now. I know some people have been asking me why i get so many nice things, i can only say that i have a very nice bunch of people as my friends and family, and they dote on me alot. I am very thankful for all that i have, really, and i do appreciate it. So please don't leave comments like "why you get so many expensive things" or whatnot on my fs, thank you!  ><

My fav present of the lot is from dad and it is........

A freaking Sony NEX F3 Camera!!!<3 :')
Dad knows i have been saving up for the past 6 months to get a camera during the next IT fair, so he got me the NEX F3 for my bday instead :') Thank you dad!!!

My fav part is the LCD screen lol XD

seems promising!!

It comes with a tripod hahah! so professional lol

different lenses!:) need to experiment with them first before knowing which one is better for what scenes:)


anyways pics will be taken with this NEX F3 next time as much as possible:) So the quality of the pics u all can see for yrself cos im not very familiar with this cam yet , at least not well enough to do a review on it:) 

Moving on to other presents :)

Box of accessories + decors from my pri sch besties :) Even though we left pri sch so many years ago but we still keep in touch and celebrate each other's bdays every year! :) To many more years of friendship<3

Eyelet laser cut out Cream X Gold wallet from my choir senior Audrey! ;)  And a notebook as well but i forgot to take pic :x oh and im sorry bout the orientation of the pics!! can't seem to turn them around ><

From my big bro, a card and 2013 time management diary cos school next year will be hectic!!

From my relatives:))

Angpow from grandma, granduncle, grandaunt, aunt :)

Shu Uemura's Peony Palette from mumsie :)! She got me a palette cos she says its to save space when we go travelling or for my choir concerts haha:) Cos she knows i always bring alot of chapalang stuff (rubbish loads of stuff) hahaha. Mum knows me best XD

Super gorgeous colours :))

Estee Lauder Lipgloss from my other aunt!:) 

And from my besties in class!:))

Rilakkuma and Hellokitty(not pictured) cookie cutters cos i love baking :)
Poofy stickers cos i love squishy stuff as well hahah

A pirate alpaca (aka llama) cos our clique has an inside joke about llamas ;) 
And my fav one out of the lot - a handmade scrapbook with all our lovely pictures :)) <3 my talented art programme friends do one, haha<3

And there are still other small trinkets which i was lazy to take pic of>< But really, a big thank you to all who wished me a happy bday!:) Whether its on facebook, formspring, texting, email and whatnot:) Love you guys<3 Really made my day :') Best bday i've had in many years :) A super memorable one indeed! 

And because i spent a whole week celebrating with different people.. theres prob gonna be quite alot of bday posts, sorry to those who aren't really int in this area!! Will still post otds and stuff:)

okay so here's part 1 only haha, spent with my relatives in malaysia :)!

We spent the afternoon at Johor Premium Outlet for lunch and abit of shopping, mostly for my bro cos he needs winter wear for his Bhutan trip:)

Some random shops~

OTD of the day:
Forever New Lace Cami
TVD Fishtail Skirt in Lavender, S 
C&K Yellow Bag
Pedro Mint Wedge

In a super pastel mode that day lol XD But i loved the combi :) Super sweet de :)

 some selcas cos i dressed up that day :))

Angry look! lol ok this is fake one, when im angry i look way scarier than this hah

I haz fat cheeks -_-

 Played around with iphone app! its called reflection i tink :) pretty cool!

and, lunch was at George and Dragon cafe!:) Good ol western food:)

pic taken with NEX F3! Quite nice i feel :))!

Super thin crust pizza:) I like the thin crust but the taste loses out abit :/

mushroom soup which was okay only~

taken with the 180 degree flip!:) Its quite fun haha

bday cake my aunt bought:) But can only see the box in this pic haha

Went to pick up my cutie cousins afterwards :) Aiden is wearing a mini tuxedo, so cuteeee ^^

Can i just say that my 3 year old cousin is pro-er at iphone games than i am?! @.@
Heh heh trying to snap a pic of me secretly huh XD
With my beloved grandaunt and aunt :)

Big bro brandon looks so freaking cute here!!! i captured the right moment -proud- ^^
All handsome and model like:) Until.......
he goes crazy here hahahaha XD
awkward bro!
"But i wanna bite on the chair..."
"nuh uh! don't you tell me the chair isn't tasty, liars all of you!"
-sips apple juice-
Other couzies :)

Food arrives :))
Omg this was a super huge plate of prawns -_- there was about 60 prawns there! FOC one though haha, so we ate very happily teehee

Talented artsy cousin Kayleigh :) Shall reveal why i call her "talented" very soon ;) Linked to the exciting news i talked about a few entries back!:)

Daddy poking the candles on :)

Check out my orange bros. LOL

Hahaha lets just say my cousins blew out more candles than i did XD

okay thats all!! I took 3 day to do up this post lol!! Cos the resolution of the F3 photos are much higher thus they take 6X longer to load zomg.... :O I waited for the pics to load wait until i snoozed off, happened 3 times in a row haha. ttfn!

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