Monday, 29 October 2012

Birthday (II) ^^

ohai guys!:) Bday post part 2 is here haha! 
Today's one is for 17 and 18(actual day) which i spent with my goofy classmates :))

Caramel Cake from Swissbake with a cookie base:) I wouldn't rave about swissbake in general but this cake is one of the better tasting ones:) And its the thought that counts:))

Perfect cutting skills by muiz ;)

Photobombed by sylvia!! lol and i cant seem to upsize this pic!
Silly billie friends <3

After that it was a scrapbooking session cos they bought a book to decorate for me:)
Chay and the alpaca! teehee XD
My pirate alpaca is uber cute :')
Lol candid shot of caiwen! idk why she so happy XD

Okay and let my tell you about what crazy things my friends did XD Early in the morning at 8, they came and sneaked into my house, after secretly contacting my mum ._. then, they played a super loud video montage to wake me up supposedly haha. but that kinda failed cos i was already awake since 7 and was watching dramas in my room XD And i walked out suddenly when they were setting up the video so i kinda shocked them hahaha. XD Epic max. THEN, when i was washing up, i got called by mumsie to go to the living room's window, which faces the swimming pool. My crazy friends were downstairs at the swimming pool there holding these happy bday placards and dancing around, screaming "happy bday!!!" omg i was literally :O, jaw dropped. these funny people ah XD

And then syl koped my nex f3 and camwhored haha. but all unglam one la XD

We baked cookies afterwards! with the hello kitty mould they gave me XD
See, quite nice leh :DD

Yups that marks the end of the first day of surpises! ;) The next day we went for movie and shopping for prom dresses cos prom is in a few weeks time :))

TVD Faux Tux Top in Cream
TCL Pleated Ombre Skirt in pink
Silver Strap Wedges

Review(TCL Skirt): I think this is the first time i've bought from TCL actually! Liked them on fb and joined mailing list since a few years ago but never really bought anything XD Anyways i really really love this ombre skirt! I bought the elliot ombre skirt from gelliz a few months back but cos it was way too big so i sold it off. The fit for this is pretty good for me cos its elasticized at the waist and there's a free belt to go with it:) The length is good too, not too long. Design wise the ombre and pleats are really pretty:) A super good buy!<3

And here we are at ION~~

Avid shoppers will know where this place is XD Its the fitting room at topshop! We r waiting for syl haha, she is really the slowest changer ever!! -_-

Lunch was at Fish and Co and it was AWESOME :) We had the lunch deal which was about $15 after gst:) It included soup, drink, and a main course( all of us ordered fish n chips). Food was good, i ate everything lol, even though the portion was big:)

Passion fruit drink:)
Clam chowder! Yums!

Super nomz fish and chips ^^

And we went for a movie afterwards:) The perks of being a wallflower!:) It was okay only imo. There's alot of hidden meanings and literary values in it but somewhat emo stories are just not my thing lol.
Gelato afterwards! See, how not to get fat -_-

And we spammed polaroids! Each person keep one haha XD
Alright thats all for bday part (II)! :))

Ending off with something awesome....


Was sponsored a pair of pastel pink skinnies by La Mode!:) The shade of pink is super sweet <3 And its stretchy so it fits quite well:) Oh yes! and the colour doesn't run ;D Bonus points for that! Visit LAMODE and check out their items alright?:)

Tata for now!:) 
PS: Sry i promised there'll be more updates but its kinda hard since i have activities every day and there's still school -_- Will still try my best to update k!! 

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