Friday, 12 October 2012

Flower Eyelets

I'm back with a Saturday post!:))) The past week was so mind blowing seriously, but i'm really glad that i only have to survive 2 more papers! Physics and math @.@

Anyways!:) Most pictures from this post r from one month ago hahah, its an understatement to say its overdue :x

Mint chiffon hair clip from minkin!

Agnesellle Jolene Top in White (S)
Twistpolka Denim Flare Skirt & Necklace

Review (AE): The moment i saw this in AE's facebook previews i knew i had to get it:)) My fav Australian online shop Sabo Skirt had a design that is 95% similar to this but it was priced at about 50AUD so i thought it was too expensive :/ So im really glad AE launched this top!<3 Its a really great basic to have:) I love the scoop back detail and of course the crotchet sleeves :) Super pretty and classic :) Material is stretchy cotton which is quite comfy, but i think it may fur over time. Still, at about $25 this is a super awesome piece , major love for it:) So i got it in pink too :) Will review that another time:) Oh yes, the review for the twistpolka skirt is here :)

Upclose of the gorgeous statement necklace:

And just feeling random that day, i decided to arrange my bracelets/cuffs:) Love how it turned out:
Easy to spot which one i want to wear and its pretty organised:))

And that day was skincare stock up day lol:) The skincare loots for that day was really alot :x but thats cos i had to get 1 and a half month worth of supply cos i can't go out during exam period. So i stocked up to tide me through that 1.5months:)

Neutrogena White Fairness Mask
VS Sasson Ionic Brush
QVS Transparent Hairties

My scheming love eye masks + Face masks
Okuma Concealer in shade 3
Darkness eye tape (got it from mum cos she doesn't know how to use it lol XD)

Kiehl's Caleduna Toner 500ml
Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Cleansing Mask
& whole lot of samples :)

If you guys want a review of the skincare items let me know and I'll do up a review post for it:)

Ok this pic is more recent one: 
PASTEL EYELET Wedges from mum!<3 
Its my absolute fav pair of wedge now^^ So prettyyyyyy:) Its an early bday present from mum:) My actual bday falls on the 18 October! Thank goodness its after exams lol:)


Oh yes, the lovely owner of La Mode sent me pretty apparels to review!:) I'll just be posting one up today so stay tuned for the rest k!

I'm wearing their Studded Collar Dress in Sky Blue, which is in a purple-blue shade, a very unique colour!

Made of lightweight chiffon but not sheer, super cooling in fact :) And i love the studs^^ You probably can't really see from these pics due to the lighting but visit them here for the upclose! Its a really pretty piece with slight edge ;) Oh and it has asymmetrical hemlines too, bonus ;) Anyways i really do like this dress haha, remember to show La Mode some love k :)

Necklace featured here is the Vintage Ruffles Necklace from! Rmb to quote "FELICIA" for free normal postage when you shop with epicfas:)

Now let's tumblr on...

Omg i just realised this little girl is wearing the same colour combo as me for this OTD post haha!! I swear i didn't notice beforehand hahah :)

Ending off with a pic of macaroons again! This time from delifrance :) I would recommend you guys to try it cos its cheaper than alot of other macaroon shops like Pique Nique etc, AND it tastes rly good, at least imo ;))

Happy weekend you guys! Liberation for me is in.. 3 days! >)

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