Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Ohai! Its a food filled post today :) Mostly sugary desserts cos when i'm stressed i eat alot of sweet stuff :x
Macaroons from Pique Nique! So yums :) I esp love their cappuccino/coffee flavour ;) Vanilla and sea salt caramel come in next!

Cakes from this patisserie in Tanglin mall :) Not sure what its called though, Gauvet? something like that XD

The food there is quite ex, about $5 per slice of cake?? Its alright la, quite fluffy and soft, but not so yums that its worth $5 0.0 And the strawberries are the sour kind eeeeee><

I'm so gonna go on a food hunt after exams! I wanna try Ippudo since its so highly raved, Canele cos i haven't tried before, and so many more ahhh :/ Confessions of a glutton -_-

Some happy, colourful pictures to share!^^

Its one of my dreams to live in some relaxing, peaceful french city for a period of time, then enjoy the quaint little cafes, ride bikes along the not so car filled roads and you know, just enjoy life away from the hustle and bustles of the city:) <3 But of course, i still think i can't live without the city, but its good to enjoy some peace and quiet sometimes.

Haha hamsters unite XD The HAM-ster is so LOL seriously!! I had super cute hamsters as pets when i was in Malaysia, and when i was like 5. Then one random day, one hamster escaped (idk how though!!) and explored my grandma's house. It was not a good thing cos we found it in the toilet bowl afterwards and i had phobia of tiny pets after that -_-

Glass heels! <3

Metallic X Pastel

D&G has the most gorgeous floral prints <3

Dust pink X Gold, Silver accessories:))))

oh! and im gonna have a picnic with the hyper friends after exams!!! -fist pump-
Its prob not gonna be so elegant as this pic but haha its gonna be exciting :))) 
Sigh there's still one week till end of exams and i'm already thinking about post activities howwwww ><

 Anyways i finally had a chance to wear this pretty watercolour floral dress from chaceylove out during Sunday brunch ^^

Watercolour Floral Dress from Chaceylove, XS

Upclose of super pretty prints!!

Even the buttons are covered with the same prints, so cute :)

Review: I actually ordered size S for this dress but Acelyn(owner of chaceylove) was kind enough to notify me that XS would be a better fit as im more petite. Sizing wise XS fits me just nice so girls who are uk4-6 for tops will be able to fit into this cos its flared at the bottom:) The prints are the major plus point for this dress, really sweet in real life:) If it was slightly brighter it'll be even nicer:) The material is really smooth and cooling as well, and straps are adjustable:) Overall a good buy:)

Okays I have managed to finish this post in 30minutes yay:)  its 12am exact now and i should probably be in lala land now. Nites! 

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