Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Time Of Our Lives

Whoopdeedoo its a Sunday and i'm in a smashing good mood :DD Its willowfawn's launch tonight! More about that later on heh. Sooo a few weeks back i went kbox-ing with my classmates :) It was so super fun hehe. Here's my OTD for the outing!:)

Murua Graphic Tee (Japanese brand)
Polkadotpigs Tribal Bandage Skirt
Celine insp Classic Box Bag

The Murua Tee is really cool it has tassel/fringe earrings on the masked woman haha. Def my fav graphic tee so far:)

Hair accessory of the day is this rabbit ears polka hair tie:) 

Upclose of the PDP skirt:

Review(Polkdadotpigs):  I rarely buy from polkadot pigs but this aztec skirt really caught my eye:) I love the blue contrasting on the black and the cute elephant prints:) Its of pretty good quality for a cotton based bandage skirt. Has inner lining and its dark so i think vpl isn't a problem. And it doesn't ride up when walking :) Oh yes and the prints are sewn on with threads and not printed on, so i don't think it'll fade easily:) Overall a pretty good buy! :)

And the kboxing starts ... >) 
Haha see the Mcflurry? XD I had a craving for ice cream that day and the staff there were nice enough to let me bring it in :)!

Say hello to my friend Chay the only one whose genre of music the rest of us didnt know how to sing hahaha >) 

Thats Boss Tham on the right! my fellow tham sister heheh. 
Boss Tham is what Chay has to call her cos Chay is supposedly her maid since idk when trololol.

Guess who "dian" all these songs? XD haha its me! Im a super Mayday Wu Yue Tian fan can :D They're not in my generation but who cares :) They're my fav band of all times ;) Go google them and listen to their songs, its inspirational :)

Tzeshe and Mui joined us later on!

Here's Caiwen my choir buddy and Yutzu my Mayday buddy :D

And.... this is boss tham doing what she calls "bringing the house down!" HAHA


Photo time! But not alot cos we were left with half and hour and we had about 30 songs on the list haha. Chiong ah!

Ok i think we were quite pro that day XD We sang 80 songs in about 3 / 3.5 hours haha!  For $25 it was super worth it cos we sang our fill hehe. And the staff had to kick us out XD

So mui and us took bus back after that and oh my, Singapore's night view is quite pretty! Last time i nv go and notice but yes now that i look at it, it is yeppuda(pretty)!

Ok and remember guys, Willowfawn is launching Dreamaker Collection tonight 8pm! The site is all ready so you guys can just click on it at 8pm :)

And remember to  'Like' our facebook page!
Alright i'll see u guys at 8pm on site! :)  

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