Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bella Stilo: Aztec

Whoopdeedoo~ hey everyone!:) Another chapalang post today haha, everything throw into one haha. Cos i got so many overdue posts not up so i gotta kinda squeeze abit, sry!

Today's bella stilo will be on AZTEC:) 
Aztec prints are one of my fav prints! Cos its statement making, and can be in so many different patterns and colours so the possibilities are endless. And its a trend that reappears almost every season haha, so you don't have to worry about being outdated. An aztec item is worth investing in, be it a top, skirt, clutch or dress:) But a few should be enough since you can match it with so many other things:) 

Featured Aztec Dress:
The Closet Lover Aztec Minidress (Pastel pink version)

I matched my aztec mini with suede ankle boots for a mix of sweet and edgy:) Love the boots btw haha, its light and versatile! Instant edge added:)

For the more colour loving people, you can try out this combi below:


 This bright and fun loving Zara inspired knit cardigan is from! :) This is the second item they sponsored me with, and its my fav one hehe. Really love the coral red colour, its so chic and wearable! Quality is good as well! The colour doesn't run and its thickness is just right, not too hot for our weather but in colder places like cinemas it'll be sufficient:) They have it in alot of other colours too! So visit @La Mode for more pretty pieces!<3

oh yes, the lovey owner of la mode gave me this cute neon yellow coin pouch too! XD Its uber cute and i like the soft silicon material:) Thank you Apple!!

Oh yes, here's the review for the TCL Aztec dress btw:
 Material is comfy, super soft :) But slightly on the thinner side. For about $25 i think this is very worth it cos the prints are pretty, and the prints make it non sheer even though the material is rather thin. Its stretchy as well for easy wearing. The cutting is good as well, its flared at the bottom half for a more flattering silhouette ^^ However the length for this is quite short, so i tink for people above 160  its not that advisable~ Overall still a satisfying buy imo:)


some recent buys/gifts from my overseas relatives who came for a visit:)


My exam food stash hahaha:
got these from ntuc! Try the green tea biscuits its super awesome!! i got really addicted after eating one lol. So if you decide to try... make sure you have enough willpower!! if not you'll just usgdsbd -chomps down all the cookies-
Everyday i'm tumblr-ing!
Gorgeous owl, like from harry potter!

lilac flowers:)



Essential white dress

Runway yellow embroidery dress

snowflake macarons!!

winter inspired


Bed or roses


colourful rainbow smarties




  1. hi i left a comment on la mode to order but they havent gotten back to me with an invoice :(

    1. Hi!:) Do allow 24 hours or so for them to get back to you?:) If you still do not get a reply do leave a comment here again and I'll email them for you:))

  2. thanks they got back to me already! btw you look so cheerful in that outfit :)

    1. haha thank you!:)) And have a good weekend;)