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(n) the chance occurrence of events in a good way


hello friends!!
today...i'm finally going to talk about how D and i met and our story (not too detailed of course!)
its been about 5 months now and still people are frequently asking us to share this story so okay, here it is!
i thought today will be an apt time to publish this post cos its D's birthday hehe.
if you're wondering how we celebrated that, i have sneaks on dayre before the full post is up:)

so okay! let's begin we met.
D and i met through a band concert.
some time in november '13, my primary school friend from raffles jc band asked me if i could help him promote their band concert to the hwachong students.
(coincidentally, my pri sch friend is also called Danial, just different spelling haha)
its a simple request so how could i decline?:)
at that point, my big brother was in J2 and i think As just ended for him.
he was in the exco for hwachong band, but it was the end of the year already so he already stepped down.
so i told him about it and he said "oh, just text the band major and student conductor la. they will do it for you one."
so i was like okay, i know who the student conductor is (my sec 4 classmate), then who is the band major?
so he was like "daniel."
and i was like "which daniel? there are alot of daniels in jc leh. my class already got one lol."
so he said "daniel poon."
at that point of time i didn't know who he was la, so i was just like, okay i hope he helps me with this...

and so i whatsapped both my friend and daniel, but you guys are only interested in the latter la i know hahaha.
"Hi! I'm Chi Ting, Kah Loon's sister:) sorry i had to get your no. from my bro cos my friend from raffles band was trying to contact you. They're inviting HC band to their concert and i've asked them to send the details to huaxian cos my bro said you were overseas. I was wondering if you've gotten the email and notified the other band members about it? sorry for being so random! i'm doing my friend a favour."
"Oh hello!! i've received it. i've sent out an sms to the section leaders, they'll get back to me soon!"
"Ok thanks! Hope to see HC band there!"

and so i was thinking, phew ok my job is done, end of convo and end of story.
but..the convo continued hahaha.
he asked me questions like "oh so are you going for the concert too?:)" etc and ya the convo continued...everyday, the past 1.5years till today.

so yups thats how we got to know each other!
not romantic or anything one haha.
from then on, our convos continued daily and we got to know more about each other.
and we found out that we have quite alot in similar! hobbies, music etc.
so, we always had alot to talk about, and talked about the randomest things.
as we got closer, we started going on outings.
the first outing was to watch my seniors' performance at fullerton's hotel lobby, they were singing christmas carols!
i casually mentioned the performance and D said he's always wanted to go for such a performance, and so we went together.
it was surprisingly not very awkward even though its the first time we met face to face.
and it was xmas eve that day.
i totally did not expect it but he gave me a xmas present LOL (godiva chocolates).
i thanked him for it after opening it at home and told him it was very yummy!
then he said that he actually hasn't tried it before cos he doesn't buy this for himself, its too expensive.
so i was like, wow this guy is very nice leh? :o hahaha.

throughout the year we met up more often.
we had study sessions at kap (before it got closed down><), i went for his band concert, he came for my choir concert, mid autumn festival, met up during faculty outings etc.
our friends started to notice and everytime "niao" us la, implying that there's something going on.
but some time in march, i don't know how we got to the topic but we decided that at that point of time, studies was the priority and we should remain friends.
so okay, from that point on i already made up my mind and regarded this relationship as platonic.
but well, as things started to move on i slowly found it hard to force myself to believe that this is really purely platonic, cos he's so so incredibly nice to me. (read below)

now, another popular question was "why did you choose D out of others?".
hahaha well this is awkward to answer.
to be honest i've had some bad encounters with hc guys during school time, and i was about to give up on hc guys and wait until uni already lol.
but well,i guess, its mainly because he has the 2 most important qualities i look for in a guy (honesty and sincerity), cute is a bonus point hahaha
he has been very honest with me, i can tell.
sometimes, the truth may not sound pleasing to the ear, and so many choose not to tell the truth and tell you a lie instead, which is pleasing to the ear.
he is a very straightforward person and just told me what i wanted to know, very honestly.
it wasn't what i would have wanted to hear but at least i know its the truth.
(i asked about his past r/s and ecs and whatnot btw haha)
and of course, sincerity.
he has been nothing but sincere.

i'll just give a few examples i remember haha.
like...there was once i had a tiff with a close friend and was very sad over it.
i didn't tell him the details but he knew i was upset.
 he isn't the type who has ways with words and know how to comfort people, so even though he knew i was upset, over the phone, with words, there was nothing much he could do.
the next morning however, i got a surprise.
he turned up at my class bench with my favourite snack and a handwritten note to cheer me up:)
i was quite touched la, cos i thought over the phone he didn't say much it must have seemed insignificant to him.
and in J2, when i suffered from acid reflux (due to stress and irregular meal times) and was sick for a few days,
he prepared a care pack (with snacks and a note) for me when i returned back to school.
and texted me to say that whenever i'm hungry just let him know, he'll go down to the canteen to buy food for me and deliver to my classroom (cos i said that during breaks i'm hungry sometimes but really need a nap to energize for the next class.)
and for my birthday last year, he made a card for me and surprised me by turning up at the gate downstairs my house.
shock of my life really LOL. (luckily i wasn't in an unglam state like i usually am when at home hahaha)
so yup, i was really very very touched by all he has done for me.

after As ended, we went cycling on one of the days.
and...that was when he confessed.
to be honest i already expected it, cos he wasn't very subtle and dropped hints months before lol.
and well... i didn't accept him on the spot.
i'm the kind who likes to think alot and analyze everything, so i felt that at that point, i needed some time to think through everything.
i was unsure of my feelings.
i wanted to accept the relationship only if i liked him for who he is, and not what he had done for me.
also, how was i to know if he has thought through this carefully?
i told him to think through, "do you really like me or do you just like the idea of me?"
i know la sounds cheem and philosophical but basically it just means that does he really like me for who i am inside, and not anything else.
he told me, "honestly, i won't lie, i may have been attracted to you by looks at first. but your character made me stay."
and i believed him.
to be honest, i had many considerations.
we were very similar, yet we had differences as well.
i was worried about lifestyle differences, dietary differences, religion...
these may be things that seems insignificant at first, but if you think through thoroughly, these are the things that affects us in every part of our life, and is important in the long run.
and so, i told him i cannot give him an answer right then, i also cannot tell him how much time i needed to figure things out, it may take weeks, months, years.
and so, i said, "if you feel that this is a waste of time because things will go on without being official, then its okay, i respect your choice."
but he said that he'll wait, no matter how long it takes.
"i already waited a year for you, i'm willing to wait, no matter how long you need."
 and so...i took a grand total of, a few months to sort things out. (lucky him right, no need wait for years LOL).
and yup, thats when we became official!:)

so far, things have been good:)
but every relationship has its up and downs.
i'm just thankful that D is rly rly understanding.
some days i get really bad pms and angst and mood swings and he's always giving into me and even i feel bad about it.
i'm just like hormones can you not make me upset for no reason T^T
ok sorry for the sidetrack haha.

so yes i think thats all i have to say about our story.
so now people please don't ask me to keep telling yall again okay hahaha.

also, a few days ago a junior asked me for relationship advice(idk why, i dont think im an expert at this)
but okay, all i can say is, do not rush into things.
take time to slowly know each other and never decide on anything if you still have doubts that you know will trouble you.
that aside, also do not be afraid to fall in love for fear of getting hurt.
you'll grow in different ways, so give yourself and the other party a chance, if all seems right but the only doubt is whether or not you dare to take the risk of getting hurt.

and lastly, to end off.....
happy birthday my fav boy.

till the next;

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