Saturday, 16 May 2015


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hola!! new update again cos i'm feeling hardworking hehe.
so last week, i had a good one to one date with le bestie.
we catched avengers and it was really quite good!!
better than the first avengers movie in my opinion;)
it felt good to watch a movie in HD haha, my last cinema movie was intersteller, a good 6 months ago lol!

i wore a grey tweed midi skirt from shop ad.el, since it was just a casual outing.
i'm really into grey tones lately and this was in a pretty shade of grey!
i love the tweed material as well. sometimes tweed can be abit scratchy on the skin but this was alright:)
sizing wise, its slightly loose so i had to pair it with a belt, and it was good that they had belt hoops!
the quality for this piece is overall pretty good, and it ended at the perfect length which is flattering for my petite frame!;)
oh yes, and before i forget, this also comes with cute double pockets at the front!
i'm really in love with pockets now cos i can fit my ezlink card etc and its so handy hehe.
here's some visuals sylvia took for me!:) 


after the movie, we had major korean food cravings so we decided to have yoogane, which is famous for their dakgalbi. 
dakgalbi is basically a spicy mix of ricecake, cabbage, other veggies, meat, and any other toppings you'd like to add on.
yoogane's dakgalbi was quite delicious and i would definitely go back there again!
i highly recommend their chewy noodles, which was really unique hehe.
we were so stuffed omg, the portion was huge :o
 bad quality cos iphone + bad angle but i dont care haha, we look so happy to tuck into the yummy dakgalbi!!!
 ended off the night with a philharmonic concert at gardens by the bay with D.
we wished we brought our mothers along, they were playing all the oldies and our mums would have loved it!
my brother's friend and my classmate was performing too and we enjoyed their performance very much:)

till the next;

PS/ im now starting to use dayre more often!!:) for those who don't use the app (its not very popular yet), u can still read my daily ramblings at! :)

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