Friday, 8 May 2015


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hola! i'm back with a weekend post:)
so on labour day, i went for a picnic with daniel and a few of his classmates!
it was one of the things on our to do list and i'm glad we tried it!:)
i decided to wear a midi dress for the picnic cos we'll need to sit down on the mat and shorter dresses/skirts would be kinda hard to sit down in.

i'm still very much into stripes so i wore this black and white striped midi from shop ad.el :)
i was super impressed when i opened the package cos the clothing was packed in their own dustbag?:o i've never bought any clothes that came in a dustbag before haha.
anyways, the material for this is neoprene, which feels semi-weighty, smooth and luxe.
sizing wise this suits me pretty well, other than the ptp being abit big.
and length wise its good! ends right below my knees, which is a flattering midi length:)
in real life, this is like, black with white stripes, however in certain lighting it looks abit navy, which i prefer!
also, i'm actually more used to wearing all vertical stripes, so this one was a risk i took, because it combines vertical stripes with diagonal ones, which i wasn't sure if i could pull off or not. 
but luckily i think it looks fine!:)

daniel took this set of photos for me:)
hope you guys enjoy the visuals!

here's what we packed for the picnic!
it doesn't seem like alot but we already had a busy time cooking/baking these haha!
dinner menu for the day:
sausage carbonara spaghetti/japanese sesame salad/brownies

we spent our time chatting, kite flying and managed to catch the sunset as well!
the cotton candy pink skies were so dreamy and gorgeous!
marina barrage is a wonderful place for a date haha, especially in the evening:)
and then when we got tired of kite flying, we ended up playing bridge with the poker cards, which was so addictive and fun wheee :)

a very well spent labour day indeed!

till the next;

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