Tuesday, 5 May 2015


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i don't know how we did it, but the boy and i managed to get out lazy selves out of the house on a late saturday afternoon for a walk at macritchie! 
most of the time we just nua at home, watch a movie, bake (i do all the work pfft) or try new food around spore!
anyway, it was a really nice, relaxing experience:)
there's something calming about the waters and greenery don't you think?
oh wait, it was relaxing until the part where tonsss of monkeys appeared and i got scared haha!

i went out before meeting daniel so i was abit too dressed up for a walk heh.
but macritchie is a beautiful place, so i just took the chance to snap a few pictures!
its my fav spring/summer now, and though spore doesn't have 4 seasons, i'd still like to dress according to season hehe.
so what am i loving this spring/summer?
eyelet and stripes :)

my idea of a perfect summer dress would be a white eyelet dress, effortless and fuss free.
stripes are also very popular this season, but i don't wear it just cos its on trend, but because i genuinely think its so chic and suits my personal style.

my top is from ohvola, skirt from agneselle, flats from h&m.

silly daniel looking sad cos he was hungry hahaha.
oh yes, daniel is still very new at photography so i'm already very proud of him for capturing these shots for me!
most of the time i just position it for him and he clicks the button but well, its a start right? hehe.
btw... noticed my new haircut and colour?;)
i reluctantly cut off a few inches cos my hair ends are like grass (honestly!) and the colour is fading to a yellowish hue which is urgh.
feeling much fresher with the new hair do!:)

we went to upper thomson for some prata afterwards!
cheap and good hehe!
went home with very happy tummies indeed :)

till the next;

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