Friday, 1 May 2015

Je t'aime

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short visual post today!:)
top from lovebonito, skirt from jrunway, shoes from sembonia

the day started off at novena, where we had lunch at our favourite udon place, tamoya!
i really love the udon there, its so chewy and springy, i can eat it every week hehe.

then, we headed to bugis to do some shopping! 
i'm really not an expert when it comes to guy clothes, so this was a learning experience heh.
i picked out a grey shirt for him, and he bought quite alot of other stuff!! 
more shopaholic than me already lor :x
but say first, not i teach him one HAHA.

i'm really thankful to him for always being so patient when it comes to taking otds for me cos i know its not a guy thing.
anyways, i'm really happy with this set of pictures even though its really simple, especially the walking smiley shots which i compiled into a video in instagram (@etherealpeonies)!
i guess taking otds with the boy is more fun and carefree, cos i can show my silly side comfortably, as opposed to photoshoots with people im not as close to.

i got a few enquiries regarding where i got this outfit from, so yes its all listed at the top!
i bought this skirt from jrunway a few weeks back, when they were having some major sales! 
jrunway clothes are usually not cheap (average $50+ for tops/$60+ for skirts, $100+ for dresses).
and so i jumped at the chance when they had sales heh!
got this skirt at $39, such a steal yay, and i saw my choir friend sq there so we had a short chat as well!
i've always wanted to try working at some apparel store, you get to dress up in fun clothes from the store everyday hehe!!

okay, i'm heading out now so bye and thanks for reading!!

till the next;

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