Friday, 22 May 2015

Spring Bloom

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hola! i'm quite proud of myself for updating frequently lately:)
its like i got some blogging mojo going on!

some time back, i brunched at boufe with nikks!
if you're wondering how the name boufe came about, it means boutique +cafe!
so yes, this unique cafe stocks apparels from :)
location wise, its abit inaccessible, but i assure you the food and ambience makes it worth a trip!

1)after tapping out from redhill mrt, you should see a bakery right in front. 
walk towards your left, there should be a bus stop.
2) take bus 132, two stops.
3) after alighting, look for "phoenix park".
4) take a buggy ride from the super nice security guard, or walk in yourself. 
just keep walking further in, its near the end.

boufe has a decent selection of desserts, they're quite famous for their strawberry shortcake, i'd like to try that next time!

we took some photos while waiting for our table to be prepared.
(ps/ the waiting time was about 1 hour on a saturday)

service was efficient and our food was served really quickly.
we ordered:
eggs benedict
smoked salmon croissant
citron tart
lychee cooler
hazelnut latte

my top pick is the smoked salmon croissant!
i'm usually not a fan of croissant but i went head over heels for this, it was SO good.
they were really generous with the salmon and eggs, but i wished they gave a bit more of the croissant cos its so yummy hehe.

as for the eggs benny, it was not bad, but nowadays eggs bennies are becoming rather similar in taste so its hard to find one that is truly outstanding.

i really liked my lychee drink, it was cool and refreshing for the weather!
also, it wasn't too sweet and the lychees were juicy.
nikks said the coffee was good too!

as for dessert, we shared a citron meringue tart.
it was a good choice cos its so zesty and fruity, a perfect way to end the meal on a refreshing note!

this series of photos were snapped in like, 2-3 minutes?
nikks said its considered speed photo taking haha!
well we didn't have much of a choice cos the sky was rumbling and luckily we left in time before the huge downpour!

also, i would just like to commend the staff at boufe cos service there is really top notch!
everyone was really friendly and cheery, and they go the extra mile.
when nikks and i were taking photos outside, the orange lighting on the floor was getting in the way of our pictures, and boufe's boss offered to turn it off for us.
service like this is really heartwarming, i'd definitely go back again hehe.

shopped abit in town and took a few (ok quite alot) of selfies before heading for dinner at my grandma's!
daniel dropped by too and made my grandma very very happy hahaha.
i haven't seen her smile like that for some time now :')

till the next;

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