Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Dove Grey

/ / m a i n / /

had a mid week treat with mommy!:)
we went to montana brew bar which was in pomo, just beside sota!
read up some reviews online and chloechoo recommended their mac and cheese truffle waffles and salmon salad so thats what we got!

hehe are you drooling yet?
surprisingly the place was rather small, like even smaller than usual cafes.
i woud say this caters more to students who are studying in institutes around the area?
pricing was quite alright, about 11 for the waffles and 8.5 for the salad!

so now...the verdict?
i loved both items!:) mommy did too!
the waffles are SO crispy on the outside, and its filled with mac and cheese on the inside.
the truffle aroma was wonderful as well.
the only thing is that it gets abit heavy after awhile imo, so sharing this was just nice.
and the salad is ...L O V E :)))
this is a japanese inspired salad which comes with smooth tofu, sesame dressing, smoked salmon and lots of greens!
very healthy and so yummy, i would eat this everyday if i could hehe.

and afterwards, did some shopping in town to stock up on skincare products!
i know quite a few of you have been requesting skin care posts, but i'm still learning how to take proper product pictures so do give me some time!

some outfit shots by mommy.
dove grey casual maxi from the editor's market

till the next;