Sunday, 10 May 2015


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cny day four was spent with two of my fav people!:)
(Yes i know im horrible, two months later and im still talking about cny-_-)
watched a movie with daniel at home in the morning, which turned out to be rather boring and i fell asleep haha. 
i had a brunch appointment with nikks after that so i was prepping hurriedly, but still took an hour to get ready :x
the poor boy had to wait for me the entire hour but surprisingly he was quite interested?! 
like..when i was doing my makeup i showed him the power of the eyelash curler and he was like "woah!!!-intrigued face-" hahahah boys... xD

so anyways, brunch was at Lo'Kal, an aussie inspired cafe in the outram estate.
i loved the interior design, its a bit vintage and really cozy.

as usual, selfies before the food arrives.
or should i say, selfies even when the food arrived! heh.

here's what we got!

berries yogurt smoothie
banana bread and yogurt
scrambled eggs, salmon and mushrooms 

the banana bread and yogurt was an interesting dish!
its supposedly a healthy dish (acc to nikks) and it felt quite healthy to me cos it wasn't too sweet.
it felt really..natural? cos the sweetness stemmed from the bananas and the bread was only mildly sweet, as compared to usual brunch fares like french toasts which is drizzled with syrup and caramel sauce.
also, the yogurt complemented the banana bread well cos it made it less dry.

we didn't get the other normal items on the menu and instead decided to opt for their "diy your own breakfast set" option, which means you get to choose a few sides to make up your own dish:)
so we got scrambled eggs, salmon and mushrooms!
i'd have to say, all pass with flying colours!
the scrambled eggs' consistency was really good, it was subtly flavourful.
the salmon was a surprise, cos we expected it to be the usual slices of smoked salmon but it came in a whole chunk!
the thing about it being in a chunk is that it tends to be harder, but this one was done so well!
i suspect they torched it, thats why its still really soft.
and the sauteed mushrooms were really fresh and juicy!! (i can imagine D saying eww right now cos he hates muchrooms hahaha)

the geometric tiles were so pretty i had to capture some shots here before leaving!

and then we took our OTD against this greyscale panel, which i liked cos it immediately gives a modern feel to the whole look.
my dress is from Love, Bonito.
its supposed to be a midi btw but because im so petite it ended up as a maxi lol.

till the next;

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