Wednesday, 22 April 2015


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hola! has everyone been well?:)
i spent my saturday exploring tanjong pagar with daniel!
the buildings in that vicinity are a bit rustic and colonial-like, very pretty. 

we had an early dinner at drury lane, because they close at 6pm on saturdays (say what?!)
i've heard good stuff about drury lane, so the expectation level was kinda high.
but i'd have to say honestly that we were disappointed with the fare they had.
daniel got the grilled cheese sandwich and while it was very affordable, the portion is so small that i'd even say its pitiful. (not very professional indeed)
the muffins are abit 'special', in a sense that you can pay as much as you wish for it.
so we got a nutella smores muffin, which i thought was alright but not extraordinary.
and my main, which was their signature baked eggs. 
i chose the turkey bacon and mushroom one.
it looks pretty photogenic but i didn't enjoy this at all (sorry if i'm being too honest).
this is the only time i had brunch fare and kinda stopped after the first bite.
okay to be fair its not that it tastes bad, its just that the baked eggs were really quite uncooked.
so its like the oozy yolk kind, similar to the ones in egg benedicts, but this one is uncooked in a sense that i could still see abit of the jelly like transparent layer, which is gross.
so yup, won't be dropping by drury lane again any time soon!

we explored the area for just abit before the skies turned really dark and we were like "arghh its gonna rain!!"
but, le good boyfriend still managed to take a few otd shots for me hehe.
took a candid of him cos i was trying to get a few test shots, and he looks really good in candids?!
life is unfair hahaha.

scuba dress from the editor's market
boxy bag from forever new
silver cuff from juicy couture

ending off with some toothy grins and silly snapshots!

till the next;

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