Sunday, 5 April 2015

Pearl of the Orient II

/ / m a i n / /

hello everyone!!
its a tad bit late for cny updates but i missed this one out so just bear with me alright:)

day two/three of cny was spent with friends and family!
daniel came to my house early in the morning to bai nian to my parents, and we made honey joys as gifts to my friends!:)

we also took our first matchy matchy outfit of the day shot hehe.
its the exact same shade of blue and white;)

pardon the grainy, edited photos below!
i'm posting them cos my daddy spent so much time and effort editing it!
he has learnt about the mei tu xiu xiu app (a beautify app) and made us fairer hahaha!

headed over to yuwei's house after that to meet my choir friends!
we had such an awesome time playing many different card games and just feasting hehe.

last stop was my grandma's house! 
grandma's cooking is the best hehe.
my grandma used to be a hawker at the famous old airport road hawker centre and she sold the most awesome chicken rice!

third day was eventful as well:)
s74's yearly cny class gathering at shijie's house yay:)
tiah and i randomly took a selfie on the train, edited it and sent it as a bday message to mel who couldn't make it for the gathering!
i think we got judged but its okay hehe.
and hipster shijie definitely deserves a feature!
just look at his outfit hahaha, it screams "look at meeee"

s74 and extended family hehe.
thankful to everyone for being so accepting and friendly towards daniel!
he said he really like you guys hehe.

thanks for reading everyone!!

till the next;

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