Saturday, 18 April 2015


// m a i n //

class outing with my S74 lovelies.
a day of kite flying, impromptu photo taking and picnic-ing at marina barrage:)
photo heavy post ahead!

shijie is forever popz with the girls heh heh heh.
yy the chicken 

shijie thinking about life.
or rather a certain someone ahem ahem ;)

"ok ah solemn look this time!!"
"oii shijie why u make us laugh!!"

shampoo commercial models???????
we died laughing at shijie hahahahaha
someone hire him maybe? XD
shijie staring at another couple and wondering what to do with life.
thinking about his one true love again
gloomy skies ain't bringing us down~~~

our cute/hot/hamsum/smart/not auntie good friend shijie is available for grabs!!

jump shots!!
mean girls parody by yy and shijie haha
"omg wat u mean i gotta sit with shijie?!"
ele learning how to model like a tai tai from master yy

couple (?) photoshoot for ele and garreth???
gara's step shot deserves to be featured here heh.
#garastep #garaswag 

teehee im always photo ready!! even upside down hehe
bromance too cutes
our fav past-time.
pls look at shijie and xw's hilarious face btw!!
good job guys we in sync here

till the next;

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