Thursday, 9 April 2015


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not many of you may know this but i'm currently working as a tuition teacher:)
and one thing i really love about this job is the time flexibility.

my mornings to mid afternoons are always free because my tutees are in school, and so on a random weekday i decided to go on a date with my mom to spend some quality time together!

we went for brunch at L'etoile Cafe:)
its near Novena and you can take a bus from novena mrt.
mom took some photos for me and i have to say she's getting pretty good at this!

the watch im wearing here is kindly sponsored by bicycles!
like the name suggests, they sell bicycles, but of course it doesn't stop at that:)
they sell loads of accessories and gadgets as well, from selfie sticks (which i blogged about here) to stuff like sports watches, like the one i'm wearing here.
i'm really glad to have received this in white because its so modern and chic!
i also received this in a nice box, along with spare batteries so this would make a good gift!

here's what we ordered for the day!

matcha red bean chiffon cake
 salted caramel chiffon cake
 salmon pasta
 truffle fries
 the verdict?
l'etoile is not worth a visit for the food, in my honest opinion.
everything is mediocre, or even below standard, except the pasta which was passable.
or perhaps its because i prefer denser cakes?
cos the chiffon cakes seem abit..lacking substance.
its basically like pandan cake, just wayyy pricier.
the truffle fries aren't bad to be fair, but the portion is crazy scary and this ranks at the bottom amongst the cafes which i've tried truffle fries at (i.e strangers reunion, ps cafe, habitat etc)

on a side note, l'etoile's interior deco really is pretty.

 here's how l'etoile looks like on the outside.
its abit inaccessible, from novena mrt you'll have to take a bus.

i've also been really addicted to reading nowadays.
call me a mugger but really, reading can be so enjoyable.
i currently have my eyes glued to Brandon Sue's fantasy trilogies and i highly recommend you guys to try reading it too!!

L'etoile cafe has a cozy reading corner on the second level fyi ;)

& here's my outfit details for the day!

top from the closet lover
skirt from zalora
wedges from asos

i got the skirt at 20% off from zalora's retail store at ION, so worth it!!
and the wedges were on sale too, they lengthen my legs magically omg, love it :)))

took a selfie with mummy.
my mum looks really young for her age huh ;) 
if i were as pretty as her at her age i'd be so lucky already!

till the next;

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