Monday, 13 April 2015

Bondi Blue

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hola! just a short visual post to share the photos from my second photoshoot project with the same lovely team i worked with (read about the first project here).

this time we chose a carpark near bugis as our shoot location.
i must say it was quite a refreshing experience, both artistically and physically(the wind was relentless).

i think its an understatement to say that i really love this set of photos.
i'm really into modern buildings lately and from where we were standing we could capture the skyscrapers!

my first outfit choice features a romper/maxi from klarra.
its definitely one of the more unique pieces i've seen.
the inner piece is a satin bondi blue playsuit/romper, while the outer maxi skirt is made of mesh and tulle. 
its possible to wear the two pieces separately to create different looks so thats pretty cool;)
plus, the mix of textures is so refreshing.

the pictures below are taken and edited by wanhui:




this set is by sam:

and this is by weijin:

my second outfit choice is a white eyelet romper from temt (retail store at 313).
i am such a huge fan of eyelet details, especially on white sundresses.
but this time i decided to go for something different, in a form of a romper (i usually don't wear rompers).
ps/added sunnies for a chill, modern vibe.

this is my favourite photo out of the whole shoot!
i'm so glad to have worked with jubilee this time, she encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone and try out a different look, shying away from my usual "sweet, girl next door" image.
so i was channeling my fierce girl image in this set of photos hehe. 
here's the full team!
L-R: sam, kay, ziqi, jub, me, wanhui, weijin.
its always a joy to work with them:)
and here's one of the models!

as usual, i won't post photos of the others' here without their permission. 
but if you guys are keen i think wanhui has done up a post with more pictures featuring the rest.
do check it out if you guys are interested!:) 

till the next;

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