Sunday, 22 February 2015

Time Travels

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Hola there! 
So... some time back i was really bored cos it was mugging and mugging non stop nearing the exam period, so during a short break in between i dug out old photo albums to look at. 
And look at what i found!! :)

Photos from my FAV holiday ever, New Zealand:) 
It doesn't matter how young i was cos surprisingly i can remember everything so vividly, perhaps cos i really loved every moment in that beautiful countryside, that beautiful country. 
I did up a post about it before, if you guys are keen you can read it here! (cos im not gonna repeat the same things in this post haha)

I was BFF with the sheeps back then hehehe.
On the train where they had this fake steering wheel thing for kids to play??
 hahaha, check out my pack of nerds sweet. #nerdysinceyoung?
My dolly the sheep!! 
On a side note, see i wasn't kidding when i said i had bangs my whole life XD
One of my fav pics in the set:)
There's just something about this picture that i can never emulate again. 
Real, sincere childhood joy? 
The feeling of not having a care in the world.
Hahaha and this one! 
I guess the horse thought my bro's hair was grass??? 
Believe it or not my bro used to be the king of mischief, this serves as pretty good evidence!
Megawatt smile since young? check! hehehe.
And i was rocking different variations of those floral pants hahaha. 
I think my mum must have bought em' in bulk or something!!
What a pity this turned out blurry! Those are horses at the back~
Posing since young hahaha so embarrassing!
This was in a cable car i believe? 
My bro looked cute hehe.
"What do you mean my sweater is made out of my best friend dolly the sheep T.T ..."
Gorgeous scenery ain't it? 
One day i'll be back here at this exact spot and relive the moment all over again.
And maybe force my bro to do the exact same pose here hahaha!
We were such posers hahaha

thankful that i had such a wonderful childhood.
on a side note, life has been very very good to me lately.
every moment is filled with such happiness i haven't felt in a long long time.
gonna cross my fingers and hope that my luck won't run out so soon cos next week is results release day!! -cries-
all the best to everyone!!

till the next;

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