Saturday, 7 February 2015


// m a i n //

Had brekkie at starbucks with caiwen! My favs are the Egg White Wrap and Turkey Cheese Burger thing hehe. 

Took some OTDs outside Vivo since the view was so nice!!


Knit Top (Baby Blue) from HVV
Shorts from LB

And some silly shots!

Brought cw to Marche for lunch cos this girl has nv been to Marche!:O I told her she was missing out on alot cos food at Marche is yums hehe.

Here's what we got:

Sweet Mascarpone Crepe with Raspberry Icecream and Fresh Mango


Both were really good!;) It was the perfect blend of sweet and savoury hehe. But i think we both agreed that we enjoyed the sweet crepe more! The raspberry and mango fusion was really da bomb!!

At Sentosa/Trick Eye Museum!

Ohai! Just holidaying by the beach ;)

cw and her "abs guy" LOLOL

I think im too happy for someone who's about to be served for dinner LOL!!

One of my fav exhibits!! Love the elephant hehe so cute!

Having a whaleee of a time ;)

Being drama again hahaha! I call this snoozing on the moon xD

Another of my fav!! I can have wings hehe, dream come true XD

And this is a super popular exhibit with the girls! Apparently its some korean popstar dude XD

I think harry potter fans wld love this one haha

Hehe my ballet pose quite legit right?^^ I didn''t learn 6 years of ballet for nothing xD

Trick Eye Museum is worth going at least once imo! 
Plus nowadays they're having promos and stuff;)

Till the next;

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