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Sorry this post is so late! Put it off for some time now cos.. well.. doing up this post reminds me of certain things i'd rather not think about. Its not a good time to let my mind run free again, but i forced myself to just sit down and get it done once and for all.

So anyways, i got requests to show you guys what kind of makeup i did for prom, so here's some selfies to show my prom face+hair look!:)

Makeup wise its pretty much the same as my usual, i didn't want to go OTT cos its just not my style.
But, i did blend an additional 2 eyeshadow colours just to give it more depth:)
You can see the blend of colours in another pic below:)

Hair wise, i just curled it with a Philips Curling tong i found at home:)
Easy peasy, done in 5 minutes (not kidding haha). 

Here! You guys can see the blend better in this pic:)

I used my Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 & 3 to achieve this look.
Most base colours are from palette 3, but i used the 2 additional colours from palette 1.
If you guys are interested in the tutorial for this subtle rose-plum smoky look just drop me a comment on askfm :)

If you see clearly, theres basically 4 different main hues in this look.
A light pearl shade in the inner corners + blended abit onto the front part of the eyelids, a matte rose-plum shade as the overall base, gold glitter highlights for the center of the lid and buffed with a darker metallic brown shade above the eye socket and outer half. 

Here's an upclose of my hairstyle for the day!
Its basically big, loose curls. Very fail proof imo, and instantly classy ;)
Of course it helped that my hair is ash at the bottom half now, which makes the curls stand out more as compared to black. 

I was opting for the classy look all the way, so i paired it with an embellished drop earring from Accessorize, which i got during their sale a few months back;)

Here's a prom tip, have a clear idea of the look/style you want for prom at least 2 months before the actual date, then slowly start sourcing for items that will fit the look. 
It definitely beats shopping last min, which means you'll have to succumb to higher prices, lesser choices and just...not your perfect/ideal look.

/ / m a i n / / 

(the text below were typed in mid december, i don't think i want to change it because of the unfortunate event. sometimes its better to leave things in the raw form, thats when your emotions are true.)

Moving on to pictures taken during the event:) 
I actually arranged the pictures according to the main groups of people in my JC life:) 

I think it'd be nice to start off with a pic with Miss Tina, my Civics Teacher (aka form tch) in JC:)
Life would have been so different if she wasn't our CT!! 
Im so thankful for her cos she's so tolerant of our nonsense all the time, and just very outgoing so we always talk to her more like a friend than a teacher. 
It helps that she's quite near our age too i guess hehe. 
Love you miss florentina maria widodoooo ;)))
ps/look at her rock that ferragamo inspired belt hehe, so hippppp

Next up, my class, S74! 
Definitely one of the most yolo/nonsense/fun/helpful class around. 
I love how our class just melds so well together.
Even though there are cliques here and there but everyone can talk to everyone, and that to me is really awesome already:)

Here's a photo with the burdens since they came early!

I specially requested for a pic with chelsea just cos... she's in a dress omg.
Historical moment hahahha.
& happy bday ele!!
All my handsome/gorgeous classmates that night!!
Eug so hamsum teehee
Garreth/bruno mars
RioHC; my dear choristors who've been through some of the toughest times in JC with me. 
The girls!
Nezzie and her bright orange gown hehe
Yunmei; One of my best buddies/sectionmate in choir hehe!
My fav sopranos <3

My msia buddy tenn heh.

Also known as tenn the giant.
Like omg tenn can you not spoil market why u so tall huh, i was wearing heels somemore leh that day!! -sobs-

Seal; one of my cutest batchies!
seal's outfit is so unconventional but i like ;)
Swee; the one who always talk nonsense but sometimes sound philosophical hahaha

My LFC; we go back all the way to sec 3 (and sec 1 for some -coughs, u lah sylvia-)
Our secret subgroup; 
we have the unglammest photos of each other omg.
if those pictures are shown to public i think i'll die of embarrassment hahaha 

One with le bestie.
This is my new display pic for her on my phone LOLOL
One with the other 4/7ers as well!
My boss tham so pretty

And i managed to get one pic with math genius yuan yuan!
last time in sec3/4 whenever we got some math problem we dk how to do we'll just be like "crazy circle circle, this one how do ahhh" 
sigh the good times :')
(ps/ crazy circle circle is directly translated from her name feng yuan yuan HAHA)
Candice; my good friend in lower sec!

yes we 3 were once classmates hahaha
<3 (nuff said)

jiayi! my choir friend/sectionmate in nanyang hehe.

Weijin; my OG mate! We still meet up sometimes for photography projects;)
Delwyn; my OG dance partner hahaha

So anyways, while the others were in the ballroom itself for prom, yiyang and i were exploring the area near the hotel and experimenting with night photography!
I'd say its a win-win situation haha, i mean we aren't interested in prom itself, we just wanted to take photos with good friends.
So in the end we got to save on the prom fees (easilly a hundred bucks) AND got to take awesome photos;)

by the way, i got alotttt of queries on where my dress is from! 
and some even asked me if its branded lol, so to clarify... no its not:)
i bought it from hervelvetvase, and it cost me about 35-40sgd approx if i rmb correctly.
so yes, who said you have to spend a few hundred bucks on your prom dress? thats a lie haha.
its possible to find a nice dress + keep it within budget ;)

Singapore is beautiful at night.
Newfound love for city lights, though my one true love still stays with the countryside.

blurry shot with yy oops.
thank you for being my photographer hehe!

alright, i'm finally done with this picture laden post.
for those who bombed me with questions on askfm/email about my dress/makeup/hair stuff and whatnot, i hope this post is detailed enough for you guys!

till the next;

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