Wednesday, 4 February 2015


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So... i celebrated my 18th birthday in school recently (or rather by the time this is posted it'll be "some time ago" oops!) 
I would say most of it isn't a surprise cos i already found out beforehand ;) As usual i saw through burden sylvia's non-existent pokerface hehe. 
Nonetheless. i am extremely grateful to everyone for remembering my birthday and putting in so much effort to plan the celebrations, cos it was 2 weeks to A levels and it would be an understatement to say that everyone is busy!

Here's the first celebration planned by my fav LFC <3
They got me a yummy mango cake!!

Burden sylvia wants a photo with ma animals XD
Yes this bunch of sillies bought me a helium giraffe and zebra lol!!! 
I was zookeeper for the day hehe.

"oh nothing, just bringing my pets out for a walk..." XD

My giraffe has gone through natural selection and gained new adaptations to fly lolol

Some more pics in central plaza cos i like the orange wall hehe.

I lub you guys<3 
Thanks for making me embarrassed cos i had to string along my giraffe and zebra the whole day hahaha.
Its been a wonderful 4 years, and i'm sure it won't stop there:) 
Here's to many more years of  friendship!!

& then it was back to the classroom with my lovely S74!
It was the last day of school so basically we were fooling around during free time hehe.
Cheryl, Claire and I were -coughs-... "vogue-ing" XD
Do we look like top models yet? hahahaha

& of course how can i forget my fav selfie buddy nikks hehe!
Today our selfies include my cute pets heh.
Polaroid with clarissa!
& xinci was aptly dressed in stripes for the day so... we took a pic with the zebra cos it isn't everyday you see such wonderful matchy matchy outfits XD
The two people i've gotten so close to this year. 
We've been through ups and downs together and this made us even stronger :)

& since its the last day of school, miss tina finally acceded to our request and we got a pizza treat!!
As usual, S74 selfies first ;)

2nd celebration of the day was planned by my S74 disney princesses! (yes thats the name of our whatsapp group hahaha)
On a side note im supposed to be Aurora (sleeping beauty) cos i used to sleep in every lecture possible XD But im a changed person alr ok!! Very attentive one hehe. 

yuanrong looks like an angry bird here LOL (the red one to be exact!)

I thought two animal balloons were enough but... apparently i got another gigantic one!! 
I kept getting boxed by my own balloon but its okay hahaha it made me happy XD
Hi as you can see i got my cheeks squished by evil tiah over here hahaha

The unglamness starts...
Okay maybe im the only unglam one hahaha

At first we took photos at the left side of the wall then i was like "But i wanna take it at the right side!!" 
So this is mel giving me the "WHATTT.... left side and right side got diff meh!!" face XD

And then the rest joined in the fun hehe.

Shijie is my new pet sitter hahahah!
"Your job is to bring my giraffe for a walk (ok make that a flying walk)"
yy my second petsitter

one with my uncle koh

My fav plain vanilla cupcakes from nikks!<3 
And all the various cards made with love from my fav people ever :') 
These are the best bday presents ever!!
 i'll keep these forever, they mean so much more than material gifts:')

and last but not least, my fav boy, who surprised me by turning up at my house with my fav snacks and a handmade card.
we weren't official yet back then but with such sincerity you can see why i said yes in the end:)

thankful and blessed to have lots of people who love me.

till the next;

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