Tuesday, 17 February 2015


// m a i n //

we had a mini s74 roadtrip to my house in malaysia:)
it was pretty spontaneous actually, we didn't do much planning but i'm glad everyone had fun!
we basically pigged out the whole trip and played cards till the wee hours.
love this bunch so much;

took some group photos in the carpark before we headed back to sg!
once again jonny spoils the picture lolol 

the selfie gang once again

#cheenikks in jb!

bak kut teh with my grandma for breakfast
jap lunch.
the food in msia is seriously so worth it!
a set including salad, fried rice, ramen, fruits, cost like what, 18RM?
spore food is so overpriced :(

much unglam oh gosh

surprise bday celebration for tiah.
the whole car ride to msia she was scolding me for forgetting her bday and i was like -bear with it, bear with it..- and just accept the scolding cos if i said anything the plan would be ruined.
then aft the surprise i was like "see!! still scold me when i elaborately planned everything for you -wails-"
then she was like "ok i forgive u"
"?!?!?! forgive me?! nv even say thanks zzz" ok bye friendship over lolol

good boys brushing their teeth

yy the goldfish
two lazy snails

ok thats it haha.
sorry if i bored you guys, sometimes its hard to balance a mix between personal posts and fashion/beauty related posts cos the former is for friends to read and the latter is for my viewers haha.
and happy cny everyone!!

till the next;

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