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Mint Poka

Haven't done a BTS for photoshoots in awhile! So here's from the latest one:)
We decided to check out turf club @Bukit timah for some locations to shoot, since its very near my house!

Exploring Pasarbella Market early in the morning.
 Pasar bella really is a very unique place, do visit it if you have the chance! Its like woah when we walked in we immediately felt like we were in another country 0.0 First Japan as we strolled through the seafood section with sushi bars and japanese street signs, then USA as we saw Charly T's and all the steaks. Thats not all of cos there's still like little little shops on its own, alot of nice patisserie shops, flower shops, balloon shops, organic food stalls, european food etc. It is pretty amazing.
 After exploring Pasarbella we stopped by Artisan Sweets for a snack! The interior deco and stuff is really nice and bright:) & Thank You Artisan Sweets for graciously allowing us to shoot a few outfits there, much appreciated:)

Of course we ordered some food as well, the desserts were too tempting!
Rose Macaron
Chocolate Hazelnut Macaron
Vanilla Bean Macaron (My fav + Bestseller)
 Black Sesame Cheesecake
 Unglam photos... only to be shown here -_-

 Went outdoors to shoot my fav flowy maxis and dip hem pieces! Going for the enchanted forest feel!
Here i am climbing up the hill arduously in 4 inch heels, thank god they were comfy enough to walk stably in.

 Swishing my rose prop around to chase away the sandflies lolol!
 Silly shots! The camera is propped against my shoe btw so its like errrr....

 Oh and this friendly angmoh photobombed us while we were shooting lol!! He was like, " I wanna be part of the fashion shoot, -jumps in-" LOL
 Shoot ended early cos we were tired and hungry @.@
Lunch at Vegan Burger! No meat alternative to normal burgers, their patties are soy and mushroom based~~

And so more unglam shots...

 The lighting here was so good we took... a whole lot of photos :x

 Food arrived! & we were still taking photos :x
 "You want my fries?"
Noo its all mine >)

Well its quite hard to make the burger look nice.. but its actually not bad la! Its considered healthier but doesn't taste horrible unlike some kinds of healthy food. Oh and the fries are commendable!

Couz still taking pics but im too busy eating to care :x

Some LOTD pics before i headed out in the morning!
(sorry i just had to start off with a goofy one!)

 & these are taken with cam, so quality is better! Less blurred than iphone

 annoying wispy hair won't cooperate -_-

Used a brown theme for eye makeup this time round. I tried using the methods Michelle Phan taught at the Lancome workshop haha. 

First attempt at gradient eyes!
I used Urban Decay's Naked Palette and Basics Palette. Basically just mix around different shades of brown and use shading techniques to achieve a more defined look:)

 After the shoot we went home for a much needed nap/rest then headed out again to vivo for dinner with my aunt and grandma! The specially came to spore for some chinese concert thingy :O


Shopskinned Daisy Mesh Dress in Cream

Review: Bought this when SS had 20% off, so everything was pretty worth it:) I bought a few items and this has got to be my fav one! I love the whimsical feel! And the daisies imprinted on the mesh is uber cute:) Length is quite okay for me, sizing wise i would say its abit big for me esp at the waist, but still acceptable:) Prob will fit up to uk8! It has inner lining as well so its non scratchy due to the mesh. A very dainty and wearable dress imo! Its those throw on and go kind, minimal accessorizing needed and it still looks good. :)

Me and couz had a great time shopping, we haven't spent quality time tgt since idk when!
Stopped by MNG cos I spotted this super pretty floral dress and cardigan, whats new right.

 MNG paired these 2 items tgt on display as well, i approve! Its so jappy hehe.

 Yups so in the endi just got the cardigan cos the cable knit design was nice + the length is good too. I liked the prints on the floral dress but the cutting wasn't very flattering imo.
 Not sure if you guys can tell but im on a korean craze now, couz also. Cos we realised that korean products are generally pretty good and the prices are very reasonable as well, as compared to other foreign brands. My current fav korean shop is etude house of cos:) 

Loots from etude house:

Dear Girls Be Clear Pact (finishing pact, can be used to set the whole look/ mid day blotting)
 Can I just say that etude house has the nicest packaging ever???

 Nice lady at the counter gave me free gifts hehe.

Goodbye Pore Ever 
(Used to minimize the look of pores, gives a more refined texture and smoother skin.)

Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker (LOL at the name seriously hahaha)

They have this in 2 versions, the stick version(the one i bought) and the essence version, which is more moisturizing and for drier skin. The stick version is better for combination skin types.

 This is a newly launched product (as i type this la not when this is published, which may be months down the road :x)
Its used to create the aegyo sal type of watery eyes which is erm, a trend in korea now?..
I thought its quite interesting so yups, decided to try this.
 Step 1 features a brown shadow which is used to create the puffy eye design under the eyes. Its like, normal people hate eye bags right, but this is specially used to create something like that, and apparently it really is the rage now.
 Step 2 is a beige-y white colour used to apply above the brown section, which salvages the damage ( i feel la) that the brown shade brings and sets the aegyo sal look. This is a really important step (and the more crucial one). Yups, after i try out the product i'll do a pictorial review and demonstration :)
 Line Nuance Duo
(Got this in shade 01 Honey Beige, which has a white liner for the inner eyes and a champagne gold eyeshadow colour for the lids)


 The products are really reasonably priced, i tink the duo liner was less than 10, plus they give alot of freebies and samples to try. @.@

& i went food shopping with seah on sunday. Really need some happy food to like stay alive during lectures and stuff.
Wonka Sluggle Gummies X Smint X Hichew X superyummyoutofthisworld matcha biscuits

Milk Caramel Sweets imported from Hokkaido! Got these from Pasarbella at a shockingly good price of 2.3 per box. I mean its imported, you'd expect it to be like 4 bucks per box!
& becos im easily amused... here's a comparison of chongsin and my smint. He got the traveller version lor super good! Its like some limited edition giant smint!!

kay end of long post.

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