Friday, 9 August 2013


 Jump back in time, day of CSM (combined sports meet).
Called upon my four seveners and we hobo-ed in an empty classroom being all silly, while the rest of the people queue up for the milo truck or actually watch the competitors run :x

Lunching with my lovelies; Burger Shack.
I'm reeeeeally not a burger person so i changed the burger(bun) to rice. 
Not that I like rice (cos i actually don't) but its better than burgers :x 
Burger shack's fries are the bomb. Spam the chili powder and voila, best fries ever.

On the bus to clementi for kareeeohkeeeeeeee

my kareeeohkee buddies!
Cassie, ting square, boss tham. 
Had a great time with these bunch of sillies<3

Fast forward a few months; early morning starbucks mugging trip with seah.
Prepping for blocks the seah and chee way;)

Earrings from Jrunway @ Plazasing.
Starting the day right with brekkie. I love starbuck's breakfast set.
My usual fav egg white wrap is all sold out so i settled for the cheese turkey mcmuffin thingy. Its good as well! My new fav heh.
"Turn off your phone seah, don't be distracted!"
&... she gives me the evil eye lolol
Migrated to mos burger for lunch cos this silly billy was craving clam chowder without clams. -_-
After mugging for a good 5 hour or so tadah, time to reward ourselves!
Baskin robbins had a double scoop promo ;)

Choc chip cookie dough X berries
spastic heh heh heh heh heh
okay la quite cute here
comfort food leggooooooo
Was whatsapping my llamas at night after tuition, somehow we ended up talking abt the cray cray hello kitty craze. I was commenting that ppl are rly quite crazy over the hello kitty thing, then... my dad told me i used to make them queue at macs for hello kitty also... one decade ago. FML
Ellysage Duo Knit Top in Peach
LB Sander in White XS

Review(Ellysage): Ellysage's stuff always are pocket friendly and affordable, i got this at about 23 if im not wrong:) Its made of semi-thick quality knit and the cable details are too pretty! Got lotsa compliments for this knit top:) Sizing wise its slightly oversized but i like it that way, quite cozy:) This comes in other colours as well, like lilac and navy i think, but this peachy tone is my fav:) The duo tone design is simple and nice imo. A very good buy from ellysage!

Loots from post mugging session:

(All from Etude House)

Pearl Mask (Box of 20)

I'm Blooming Brightening Mist
Blooming series gift set.
Here's how the mist looks like! Priced at 16 i tink???...

Whats in the gift set. (Toner + BB cream)
Other samples:
Cleansing Gel
Oxygen Mask
AC Clinic Intense Series (Pink Powder Spot)
Came with complimentary small sized toner as a gift.

Used this already and its pretty good for getting rid of those annoying zits. Abit drying though, with salicylic acid etc.

& ending off with TUMBLR.
yoona's too cute!


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