Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Visuals, Perfection

 Mid week visuals post.
For those who don't use tumblr/follow my acct on tumblr, here's some visuals reposted:)

New girl crush, Magdalena Frackowiak.
Love her doe eyes and gorgeous face!

Sui He, super pretty as well! 
She's chinese but somehow her features look abit mixed, which is quite unique!

Saw this on tumblr and i felt like i could really relate with this.
I'm sure all of us will have that one friend we were so close to, chum buddies.
Then somehow people change, and friendships change.
To my friend S, i really wish things didn't go the way it did.
I don't know why you have changed to someone i can't understand anymore.
We really had so many good times in the past,
wish it could have stayed that way.
Now when i see you around you give me that sceptical smile.
That kind of, 'i don't really want to smile at you but am just doing so out of courtesy' kind of feeling.
I really wish you didn't change.

Daisies; one of my fav type of flowers.
Re-quote from my insta (@etherealpeonies)
"Waiting for the day I can lie in a field of daisies with no worries in the world,
none at all,
escape this life just for a moment.
Living, feeling alive in my own world."
We tend to get sucked into our own busy lives, but sometimes in the midst of this mad rush do you ever wonder, all these things you're doing, what are you doing it for?

Hope that wasn't a too sorrowful end, it was meant to be more of thought provoking. Guess i'm hit with mid week blues..
Till then, 

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