Saturday, 3 August 2013

Autumn's Sonata

Heyy!!:) Back with the Austria post hehe:) This is day 2 i think! after the ferry ride we landed up at another of king ludwig's castle:) Hierenchiemsee i think! The view and scenery is SPLENDID:)
On a side note this is so overdue, yall can totally strangle me now i know. :(

 The architecture is amazing, you have to see it in real life to do it justice!!
 Golden gates :)
 This is quite a failed shot cos we are all so tiny in the pic haha, but cant help it! its cos the castle is too big, and look at the clouds/impending storm lol destroy our picture:((

 It was a 20 minutes walk through a foresty path before reaching the castle, and to be honest i actually liked the path more than the castle LOL.It was so tranquil and i love the autumn leaves and scenery, so so pretty :') And the path reminds me of Winter Sonata, the super famous korean drama! I went to the filming place of WS in Korea years back and when i walked through this path it was deja vu all over again :)

 Super strong wind that day as you can see! Was trying to get a nice shot then my hair kept getting messed up XD



 Say hi to my supermodel momsie

 My attempt at some model-like picture lol, dont think i pass though :x

 Candid shot but i thought this looked quite cool!

 My bro captured some candid shots again haha, i like the B&W effect! So nostalgia-like! 

 After the autumn path it was this whole patch/field of fresh grass and the ice mountains at the back:) So so gorgeous i really didnt want to leave hierenchiemsee!!

 I esp like this shot, its like the little creek with a vintage, countryside, peaceful serenity. Reminds me of the House On The Prairie, a book series i loved so much when i was 10:)

 Ohhh messy hair...

 Hi weird looking trees
 & my mum took this awesomely pretty pic!! omg the scenery so nice right:) Profile pic worthy i'd say!!
 Sry mom i tried to take frm e same angle but im a failed photographer T^T

 I really love all the houses in Austria, they're so dainty, quaint and cozy looking:)

 Had a splendid time at the castle in the aftnoon:) Night time we roamed about the streets/ shopping area and then had chinese food for dinz:) It was at Restaurant Yuen, which i got hyped up about haha!! Cos the previous year i went to this exact same restaurant when i went to austria for choir competition:) Omg the nostalgia!!
 Hehe, went two times leh! Must take commemorative pic ^_^
 And then outside of the restaurant i saw this Zara coat + dress for toddlers, omg so freaking gorgeous! Fashion in Austria is like, super chic.
 & we spotted this handicraft store selling these delicate toy soldiers which momsie went crazy over 0.0! She bought alot of them back lol, now my hse gt like tons of them as decorations haha.

Thats it for day 2, tbc!!
On a side note i should probably do the review for these two items before they get reaaaally outdated again :x

HVV Tigerlily Skorts (Pink)
Threadtheory embroidered top (white)

Review( HVV): So as mentioned on BOS before, these skorts can be found on taobao, and the design is exactly the same, so im not sure if hvv actually manufactured this themselves?.. The price is two times of the price on taobao though :/ But anyways this is a nice pair to own, the cutting is quite flattering and the details (embroidery + pearls) adds a nice touch. Its elasticized at the waist so the fit is okay for various sizes. Overall an okay buy.

Review( Threadtheory): Bought this with a discount code so it was quite worth it. Its a good basic top to own for our weather, cos its made of chiffon and quite cooling despite the double layer which makes it non sheer. The embroidery details is really quite nice, its like silver threads on a white base which imo is quite classic:) It features a slight racer cut in design as well. Probably will fit UK4-small 8 best. A good buy overall:) 


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