Saturday, 17 August 2013


Finally had a LFC meet up with my lovely fluffs! Missed them all so much! We're all pretty much in diff classes now and have diff break times so we can't meet up often except on thurdays when its four-oh-seven class lunch day<3

Decided to have a relaxing day just for chilling and catching up. 
Lunch was at Strictly Pancakes (again) cos previously when me and seah went the others couldn't make it!

OTD taken outside sota haha, thanks for the nice shot caiwen!

Love Bonito Eloise Off Shoulder Top in White XS
Love Bonito Shelburne Skirt in Cobalt XS
Mint Celine Inspired Tote from butteredgun
Celine Inspired White Point Shoes

Hehe i helped caiwen take her first ootd shot too! She was like, how to pose ah? such a cutie

Mui and cw! See if yall can spot seah queuing up lolol, cos she arrived the earliest for once!
there this goondooooo
We were taking photos while waiting.. probably got judged but its okay the photos are more impt for keepsake.

I was gonna take a pic of the drink then this seah decided she should photobomb tsk

there a proper one which didn't end up very nice anyways haha. 
I think i need to sign up for some photography classes soon :x

somehow i always manage to capture seah's unglam moments hahahaha <3

Spastic fluffs sitting opposite me haha (omg chay's expression... CANNOT TANK)

My side of the table (the normal peeps)

Ordered the...
Garlic Butter Prawns
Potato and Cheese (and mushrooms)
Strawberry Cream

I especially like the tiramisu one!! gonna order it next time heh. Me seah and chay enjoyed our meal but our food critics cw and mui said they've tasted fluffier pancakes around hmm..

Anyways.. group shot :)

Went shopping at Daiso for awhile after lunch! We be foolin around as usual.
hokays and cos we're greedy gluttons.. we had dessert pretty soon after that :x
Brought them to Nana's Green Tea for some of my fav matcha parfait!! Was craving it ever since me and nics went there previously:)

The rest of the gang (naj, hanshu and tzeshe) joined us for dinner! & they couldn't resist some ice cream also hahaha
Okay and the moment hanshu arrived right, we all burst out laughing super loudly!! (sorry if we were a nuisance!!)
This han shu has upgraded to become a taitai, as we all concluded XD she brought a hot pink longchamp bag hahahah. And if you know han shu... she isn't the type to even care about all these fashion related stuff so it was a huge shock to us, but more of a funny joke la XD

Dinz at soup spoon! This is erm, Beef Goulash i think! Do not be fooled by this seemingly small bowl of soup its the most filling soup i've ever tried. I couldn't even finish half a bowl and seah had to help me :x

Love you guys<3 Till our next meeting, we'll always be one LFC ;)

& here's more mirror shots of #ootd + review!

Review for Eloise Top:
Off shoulder tops are back again! I love off shoulder tops but previously the ones i tried on are all too big at the ptp:/ So im glad lb launched this in various sizes! I took XS and it fits me perfectly! The ptp is just nice and the elastic at the cuffs aren't too tight/loose. I bought this in white and daffodil, will review the yellow one once i've worn it out:) Its made of chiffon, very lightweight and rather cooling. Its non sheer as well, there's 2 layers i think. The only not so good thing is that the length of the sleeves is abit long for me, but its not a big problem, can be solved by folding it inwards. A good buy from LB, love the design! Review for shelburne skirt can be found here!

okays bai.

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