Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hi guys its 2:23am local time, i've just finished studying for math quiz tml (HALLELUJAH)
So i've been neglecting this space sorry about that, hectic crazy week really. TGIF (technically) hahaha. But my friday is gonna be spent in school till 10pm doing PW (project work). -____-

So anyways! I posted this on insta not long ago, thought i should post it here as well:) My insta is etherealpeonies you guys can follow me there for days when i'm not active here haha.

20 facts about me:
1) I have the same birthday as Zac Efron.

2) I'm half malaysian

3) My hair is naturally wavy and it has some resemblance to a squirrel tail

4) I think im secretly rebellious sometimes (caiwen disagrees though she says im openly 
badass :(( )

5) I have 2 ear piercings on each ear 

6) My most hated 'animal'... Lizards, nuff said. 

7) I am super goofy, nonsensical and absolutely crazy around people im close to.

8) My hair is dyed (not that yall didnt know right :O)

9) I have not run more than 200m since napfa ended lol

10) My fav cuisine is jap, sashimi anyday anytime

11) Fav actress is Nina Dobrev

12) I have very very small hands (so far no one i've compared to has a smaller hand than me:/)

13) Im in choir<3

14) My fav numbers are 3, 6, 16

15) I nearly burnt down my house while baking macaroons :(

16) My lashes are 100% real please dont ask me if its fake :(

17) I have abit of OCD, cleanliness wise

18) I wear my bro's pri sch pe shorts at home cos its uber comfy, and its still too big even now

19) No one knows what my fav animal is, except nics i think. Its not a conventional one..

20) I actually like salad
okay end of short (lazy) update hehe. 

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