Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Vanity Trove- February 2012 :)

hi! :) will be introducing Vanity Trove today!:) Basically, it is a monthly subscription of beauty products, $25 per month. You can sign up on and pick their packages(monthly, 3-month, 1 year etc) :) and if you choose the monthly package you can cancel your subscription any time!:) They carry high end products, some of which are kinda hard to find in Singapore:) Eg, YADAH, Olivella, SKII, Clinique, Skin Inc, OPI etc! :) I really liked the January 2012 box which i feel is super worth the $25! Here's a link to the Jan box: []

Now i'll show you pics of the February box, which is supposedly the Valentine's Day Special:)
PS: another plus point about subscribing to vanity trove is that the box the products come in is sturdy, pretty and convenient! I use the boxes to put my jewellery and it is really awesome ;)

Yups, as you can see, it comes with a beautiful white sturdy box and is very nicely packaged:) This month's trove even came with super sweet smelling flower petals ^^
Products in this trove:
Skin Inc Eye Mask (for dark circles)
Allerines Tea Bags X2
Cheeky Ginger Citrus bath soap
OPI Shrek collection (mini sized)
OPI nicki minaj collection( mini sized, colour:Save Me)
Mekhala Black Rice shampoo
Mekhala Black rice conditioner
Rinsierose Accessory (have to email them to collect the actual item)

As compared to Jan's trove, i would say that Feb's isn't worth $25 :/ i would have liked more face products from perhaps more known brands:) I really like the OPI nicki minaj polish though! Insanely pretty with glitters and stuff ^^ And the eye mask as well:) But the rest aren't really my type :/ Maybe cos i don't like the smell of ginger so i don't really like the soap haha. But i heard that the Vanilla Vixen Soap(they give out at random) is really nice smelling! Would have liked to get that one instead hmm :/

But overall i would still like to subscribe to Vanity Trove cos i love beauty products:) and the box they provide every month lets me save on Jewellery box money haha ;)

Let me know if you guys would like stuff like giveaways! You all can win the OPI shrek and bath soap and stuff :) my email is! :) Hope to hear from you readers ^^ If there is good response i'll be holding giveaways <3

xoxo, Fel ;)

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