Monday, 27 February 2012

Bro's Bday Celebration @ Four Seasons Hotel:)

My family celebrated my bro's bday at Jiang Nan Chun (chinese restaurant). It was buffet style and cost $58 for adults and $29 for children 11years or under. Quite pricey in my opinion 0.0
Here are some of the selections we could choose from:

Actually i was only interested in the dessert haha:) wanted the rice dumplings and yam with sago but was too full so i only chose the yam :) quite good! Though laden with fattening coconut cream ._."

The soups and other dishes were pretty good as well! I liked the "Hou Tou Gu" mushroom dish which totaly tasted like meat instead of mushroom. A very unique dish imo ^^ and the smoked squid and oatmeal salted egg yolk prawns were niceee :)) Overall a really nice meal though it added up to $300+ (gasps) ._.

OTD! :)
Megagamie when floral meets embossed dress in Pearl white, XS
Furla Peachy Pink bag. ( gift from my mum)
Cosmopolitan silver charms watch (my fav watch! bday present from mum ^^)
TANGS Pink Martini (or martina??) ivory heels.

Randomly put together this OTD cos i woke up really late >< Alarm why you no wake me! -meme face-
anyways i really have to compliment this awesome dress again! After stuffing myself like a pig there was still no signs of a protruding tummy thanks to the awesome cutting<3 yay really love this dress :)!

Stopped by Perla's Bakery (hidden in a small corner @Bukit timah) to pick up a cake for my bro:)

The cake was really good! Rich and chocolatey with hazelnut crisps inside ^^ a small piece is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth:) ok but i ate 2 anyways cos it was so good :)

Will update again tml if i have time! Have Choir prac tomorrow, hope it'll be good :)

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