Sunday, 19 February 2012

Hello this is my first post ;) finally set up this blog after procrastinating for a long time! Shall use this space to post reviews of my online loots, nail art, fashion and everything under the sun 8D Short intro(keyword:short) of myself! :)
I'm Fel and i love fashion and anything visually pleasing( like pastel macaroons and Louis Vuitton's latest candy coloured SS designs<3) I'm still schooling but will find time to update this space:) I realize that everything im typing has to be checked to be politically correct..Oh my what has my school done to me T^T hmm so i shall start of the very first post with some loots i got from ION today!

Eau Thermale Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser and My Melody X Love More 18 Pc masks :D

I bought the Eau Thermale Cleanser because it does effective cleansing w/o water!(great for lazy bums like me) :) I use waterless cleansing products(currently using clarins's one step mint purify cleanser) in the morning and night, and loccitane's brightening foam cleanser in the afternoon after i come back from school. Washing your face too many times a day with water isn't good cos it strips the skin of moisture. :) hmm, should i do a post of my cleansing regime/products i use?? (PS the Eau thermale cleanser retails at $30.50)

ok anyways!:) the My Melody is so insanely pretty!! Needless to say i bought it 90% cos its packaging caught my eye straight away when i walked into Watsons:) this 18 Pc set is retailing at $24 currently and i think its quite a good deal^^ Then of course before buying i check the ingredients(being a science student).. and i think the ingredients are quite good:) the first 3 products(which constitutes to 75% of the entire mask's components) are flower/tea extracts and stuff so i believe it should be good:) Will do another review of this when i actually use it:) Love my buys at watsons today!

Next up, QVS 4 pack combs! Bought this only cos i lost all 4 combs from the previous sets -.-! idk how i did it but i just lost 4 of them within 2 weeks... It retails at $5.90 btw:) quite a good catch i feel, cos it has pocket friendly ones and the sharp ended one for different hairstyles ;)

Loots from Daiso! I love daiso alot, just sayin :) bought 7 items and its $14 ^^ very pocket friendly! and the items are really pretty and quality is not bad;)
Bought alot of scrapbooking materials like felt, printed paper, lace, fabric tape, velcro and jewel stickers:) I have a fashion scrapbook btw, i put in ALOT of effort to make it! shall post some pics of it someday:)

Yes and about 5 days ago was Valentine's Day:) Though it didn't really concern me(#foreveralone) i shall share some lovely Valentine's Day E-Cards by Kate Spade! :) i sent it to my #foreveralone friends too hahaha

ok my first post shall end here:) Hope you guys enjoyed reading bout these random stuff cos i love reading these random stuff from other people's blogs ;D

Fel T.

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