Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Review: The Tinsel Rack TTR's Confetti dress in Green, S.

Updated(6/3/12): Hi! so sry i made a mistake>< a reader kindly notified me that this dress is the Confetti dress, not the sweetheart dress>< so sry for the mistake ><

Bought this dress at Kiss Jane(Bugis) before it was launched:) But it was priced at a hefty $34! Much more expensive than $28.50( livejournal retail price) 0.0

Review: The material is really fab! Smooth and soft to the touch:) Was attracted to the unique colour when i saw it at Kiss Jane;) A very pretty blue-teal colour. Polka dots are white and more noticeable in real life than in the pictures. The pleats are also very nicely done and the dress doesn't require much ironing even after washing:) It doesn't crumple easily too ^^ Overall a very sweet dress worth $32 ;) The only bad points are that the adjustable straps aren't very stable, like it doesn't stay in the fixed length even after adjusting. After awhile it becomes longer and longer.. And its not very tummy friendly after a heavy meal! So don't wear this dress if you are going for buffet haha :)

PS: Size S probably only will fit up to uk6 or a very small 8. Cos im a small uk6 for tops and it fits just nice for me so bigger girls probably would want to take M:)

Tml's post will be on: Vanity Trove! A online based beauty site which sells "beauty boxes" at $25 per month subscription:) will talk more bout that in the next post:) Toodles!

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