Sunday, 26 February 2012

OTD+ Day out in Town :)

hey all :) spent both days in town this weekend! :) Saturday was @ Takashimaya shopping for my bro's bday present :)

Modparade Red polka dot dress
Furry hearts bag (bought from overseas)
Moschino Vintage belt (passed down from my mum :D)
Fitflops (sry couldn't capture it on cam><)

i realized i haven't posted any pics of myself before.. (never show face i mean) 0.0
so here r some snapshots i took :)

all these pictures are makeup free btw, cos i think makeup will clog my pores and im not having an awesome skin week:(

Loots from taka trip!

The Godiva chocolates are for my bro cos he loves chocolates:) and i don't know what to get him for his bday so chocolates are the safest i think. So hard to get presents for guys! but the only guys i get presents for are my bros and my dad so lol. :)

Mummy bought the clinique brightening mask for me cos i tried e sample size before and its really good! after applying it you'll get naturally rosy cheeks so awesome ^^ and there's 20% storewide sale at metro(Paragon) so it was really worth it! Before discount:$79, after discount: ~$63 :)

Also went to Kinokuniya :) my fav bookstore cos my mum got discount card lol. xD the mercuryduo(Jap brand) emook is so pretty rite ^^ the SS2012 collection is really pretty! i think its Louis Vuitton inspired cos the tones are all pastel and chiffon and flowy~~~ got a free reversible bag from e emook also:) its like pink on one side and blue with floral prints on e other:) very sweet and vintage-y feel :)

Last but not least i got some chocolate biscuits which comes in a super cute box! Bought it mostly becos of the box haha. But for $12 its quite pricey :/ got it at e basement level of taka:)

okays i need to go and finish up my Language Arts assignment...#inner studyholic breaking loose..
will blog about my bro's bday celebration tml :) bye guys!

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