Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Random Musings Of The Day:)

What my mum thinks the state of my room is................
(pics credit to 9gag.com)

What happens in chemistry class haha:

haha i love 9gag.com 8D those meme faces, derps and derpinas are so epic and cute XD Anyways i got a surprise in my mailbox today ^^ Received some samples from Mekhala! :) 

 Their official site is mekhalaliving.com btw!:) Sign up now(free) and receive free samples from them:)

The above picture is of the Black Rice Body Lotion:) Its texture is of a fluid type, more water based. Doesn't feel oily at all and has a natural scent:) Idk why its purple though :O And i looked at the ingredients:) Its all natural ingredients like olive oil and such, no paraben and fragrance so it should be pretty gentle on the skin!:) Probably suits sensitive skin too since it doesn't have sulfates and stuff:) Do remember to visit their site and register if you want to try out their products:)! (ps: Feb's Vanity Trove also includes their products!)

Bought some cute iphone button stickers from gmarket! Cos it was the "deal of the day" and was on discount or something:)
So cute right :)! im currently using the Seal one:) 1st one from the left ^^ my iphone is currently very decorated cos i love accessorizing my stuff:) Also got a kate spade polka dot iphone case but am not sure when it'll arrive cos its being shipped from overseas :/ Can't wait for it to arrive yayy 8D

ok thats all. Tiring day>< will probably post a review of my Pearlavish and frockettes loots tomorrow:) toodles:)!

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