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hello everyone!!
today i have some special news to share;)
for those who read my dayre, you guys would have known that this is a piece of news i've been dying to share! and now i finally can :)
headlines hairdressing is now my official hair sponsor!! -pops confetti-
it wasn't a tough decision to make, as prior this, nic has been my stylist at another salon, and he has fixed my hair for me countless times, so i really trust his skills!
especially when i had two tone hair that was really not pleasing to the eye, he managed to solve it for me and the results always exceed expectations.
so now, nic has moved to headlines hairdressing and he's my stylist here!:)
do look for nic when you do your hair at headlines hairdressing yes?;)

so for the first session, i did their signature mucota dyna argan oil treatment.
what is really special about this is that this treatment can be catered to both straight and curly hair.
for me, i personally prefer my hair to have abit of curls, so nic suggested that i do the straight version of the treatment for the upper 3/4 of my tresses, and the perm version for the lower 1/4 to the ends.
which basically means, this treatment can be customized for everyone!

here's a picture of the dyna treatment packs nic used for my hair.
when i heard about the cost price of these treatment packs, i was honestly shocked.
nic explained to me that although the cost price is very high, gary(the owner of headlines hairdressing), still brings in this product as it is really really effective and nourishing for the hair, so you can see that headlines really do care for their customers:)

for this mucota dyna treatment, its main ingredients are argan oil, jojoba oil, castor oil etc!

in case you didn't know, argan oil has loads of benefits!:)
just to name a few, it....
- is rich in vitamin E which restores life to limp hair
-contains unsaturated fatty acids like omega 3 & 6 which nourishes hair
-contains linoleic acid which hydrates and moisturizes your hair
-enhances elasticity of hair
-acts as a shield for UV rays and environmental pollution
and many many more benefits.

unlike many chemical services, the dyna range smells so so good and doesn't have any nasty chemical smell at all as it is ammonia free!:)

also, the best part of this is that this treatment lasts for 4-6months!!
imagine having soft, smooth and shiny hair for the next half a year, this makes it super worth it right!

hair masking in progress!

time spent in the salon passed very fast as i had a good chat with nic:)
and now, for the before and after shots!

before: frizzy, kinks and uneven curls on left half of my hair.
after: smooth, super soft, shiny hair, no frizz, natural curls which i absolutely love!!

i guess the before and after shots say alot right?
i mean i never though my hair was bad, like, i thought it looked okay.
until nic took these shots for me and i'm like, wow, thats a world of difference.

one more after shot!
its so smooth and soft in real life, it really is.
my hair wasn't this soft and shiny and smooth for the longest time ever!
of course, i'll be honest with you guys, please don't expect the permed portion to be as smooth and soft as the straight portions, because perming is a process that definitely will require some chemicals in order to hold the curls in place.
however, the difference is that for this mucota dyna perm, the chemicals are reduced to the lowest concentration, which means the damage done to your hair is reduced to the lowest as well, as compared to other normal perms outside.
also, this is a treatment as well, so it nourishes and packs in nutrients into your hair that has just undergone perming, thus preventing it from being dry.
however, i would recommend that after the perming process, continue to take care of your hair by using hair masks and conditioner often!:)

i was feeling so happy with my hair i did a mini shoot for it afterwards:)
for us girls, our hair is our crowning glory and when its in a good state, you'll really feel much more confident and good about yourself!:)

just look at how natural those curls are :')

as i type this post, it has been about a week, and my hair is still as soft, smooth and manageable as the first day i did the treatment!
i really can't stop running my fingers through my hair nowadays haha, its so soft and i love it so much!

thank you headlines hairdressing for taking care of my hair!!

Remember to quote "Felicia Tham" to enjoy 10% off at headlines!;)

headlines hairdressing is located at:
 China Square Central, 18 Cross Street, #01-15.
5 mins walk from Chinatown MRT.

their opening hours are:
Monday to Friday (except Wednesday) - 10.30am to 9pm. 
Saturday - 10.30am to 7pm. Sunday - 10.30am to 5pm.

call 6221 6866 to book your appointment!:)

for the list of services available at headlines, click here.


PS/ i'll be away for a week as i have camp, but do follow my daily updates via instagram @etherealpeonies! ;)

till the next;

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