Wednesday, 19 August 2015


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hello! just a short pictorial post today!
today's outfit feature is abit different, i'm trying out a more boyish yet classic style that i usually do not don.
i'm wearing the ralph pinstripe shirt from ttr in today's photos.
i'm wearing xs and its still kind of oversized for me, so i'm guessing this shirt is meant to be bit oversized.
its made of cotton which is quite comfortable but abit hot in this weather.
i paired it with a bowler hat and loafers for a parisian chic feel.
shorts are from ttr also btw!
this definitely isn't my usual style but its always fun to try something new and explore my boundaries!
D saw this shirt hanging in my room that day and commented "hey i could wear this!" and i'm like "yeah u totally can haha!"
its quite funny how girls can kope shirts from their bfs and yet it usually doesn't work the other way round haha.
oh well, perks of being a girl eh ;)

enjoy the visuals!!
photos kindly taken by nicole hehe.

ending off with a selfie of nicole and i!
i was sporting a shorter and sleeker do that day haha, totally tempted to go for an even shorter haircut!

till the next;

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