Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Nautical Romance

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Hello everyone!!
I'm genuinely so so happy to share this feature with you guys today, because its for a brand i love and while working on this feature i got to try something different (couple photoshoot!) with the man i love as well -shy- 
Thank you H3concept for the opportunity and thank you my fav boy for being so helpful!!

This whole photoshoot was self directed by myself (using a tripod), and i know there's room to improve but i hope you guys enjoy the visuals!!:)

For the first set of photos, i'm wearing the Lucid Staple Watch.
H3concept's watches are made in Japan and are water resistant, so you can be assured of its quality!
It comes in a study, beautiful box for a set of 3 so it makes a perfect gift as well ;)

 And for the second set of photos, Daniel is wearing the Ebony Italian Leather Watch.
Its super classy and timeless, plus its of really good quality!
One thing about H3concept is that the watches are unisex, and while carting out you can choose out of the two options, "For Her" and "For Him", which i think is really thoughtful as they will punch in additional holes etc for girls if you choose the "For Her" option, so it fits better!:)

And for the very last one, this is the Nautical Nato Watch:)
To me, this adds a slight pop of colour yet remains very classy.
And for this set of photos, we decided to just have fun, so i hope the last few photos bring a smile to your face!:)

Thank you H3concept for sponsoring me this set of lovely watches.
If you guys are keen, the exact set i got was the Lucid Staple Set, which you can get here!
Another one of my favs is the Nautical Lust Set, which you can get here!

Do follow them on instagram @h3concept, hashtag #h3concept with your purchases and lastly.....
key in <<feliciatham>> for a whopping $30 off!!;)
So go on and shop now!;)

Till the next;

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