Sunday, 9 August 2015

Paddy Hills

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hello friends!!
i'm back with another cafe hopping post:)
and this time its to none other than....
paddy hills!

this is a cafe that has been highly raved in recent months, so it was a must try for me!
the nearest mrt is haw par villa, and you have to take a bus (about 1-2 stops), bus 252 if i remember correctly? 
its located at a short row of shophouses in the midst of a housing estate.

nikks and i placed our order and went outside to take some photos first!
i'm wearing the nottinghill swing dress in pinstripe, from hvv.
white satchel is from bershka (which i love to bits!!) and shoes from sembonia.

we decided on one sweet and one savoury main.
for the savoury main, this is the fish with rosti in cream sauce.
first of all, i love paddy hill's simple yet classic plating, very on point yes?;)
secondly, this dish was d a b o m b, soooo good!!
nikks seemed abit hesitant when i said i wanted this dish, but when she tried it i could tell she was really surprised that it was so good as well!
i'm not a food blogger so i wont use any fancy terms, but somehow this whole dish came together so well, thats all i can say.
the fishy has no fishy taste, it was soft and flavourful.
while the rosti went really well with the cream sauce, its crispy but when paired with the sauce its not too dry.
for those who likes their rosti to be very chew and potato-ey, you might not like this as much though!
but really, i would recommend this!!

and of course, for the sweet dish we had to choose their berry ricotta hotcake!
its the highly instagrammed and raved dish, and its not hard to see why!
i really liked this as well:)
although its name is "hotcake", its not really like a hotcake, its texture is more like a cake on the inside.
i loved how it was perfectly crispy on the outside corners and soft and cake-like on the inside, plus there is abit of cream cheese!
the fruits were very fresh and added a tanginess to the otherwise sweet dish.

oh, and we got a seat near the window, which means lighting was so on point!!;) 
so yes, overall paddy hills is worth the visit!
its definitely one of my fav cafes from now on, be it food quality or ambience.
some selfies with my foodie in crime hehe.

i'm in love with symmetrical photos nowadays.
and i'm also in love with the cross back/lace up details of the nottinghill dress;)

also, pyzis has launched a new collection and this is my absolute favourite collection so far!
i really really love the pieces in this collection, its something i would buy and wear out:)
my top pick would be the floral maxi dress, followed by the pink floral kimono romper!
(sorry about the lighting again! my editing skills very limited oops)

the floral maxi dress is made of a super soft material, that kind of feels like cotton but a more "atas" version cos its really smooth!
its elasticized at the top and at the waist portion so it'll fit a variety of sizes imo.
its a really pretty piece in real life and wearing it just makes me feel instantly taller and got the vacation feels haha!

as for the floral kimono romper, its a rather unique piece and comes in a sweet pink shade with large floral prints.
i really like the unique sleeves of this romper, its slightly bell sleeved and gives off an elegant feel.

shop the collection at

btw pyzis is also stocked at zalora in case you didn't know!:)
oh and recently i'm super into sports shoes even though i'm not a sporty person.
like the nike air max is super duper gorgeous!!
i've been trying to find it in physical retail stores but to no avail or they run out of sizes hmm.
and i realized that sports wear are really quite comfy hehe, especially the singlets!
on a side note i was quite shocked that zalora stocked nike products, at discounted prices somemore!
here's a direct link to the nike outlet page, i hope next time they stock my nike airmax hahaha, crossing my fingers and waiting patiently!!
if anyone knows where to get the airmax do drop me an email alright!

hope you guys enjoyed this post!

till the next;

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