Wednesday, 29 July 2015


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here's a short midweek food review on grub, which is located at bishan park!:)

here's a sneek peek at the menu.
mains are generally priced at $13-15, quite a reasonable price:)

for starters, we got the mentaiko fries to share!
this was pretty good, the fries were hot and crispy.
however i still prefer thin cut fries (like those in macs!)
the seaweed and mentaiko sauce drizzled over added a nice japanese fusion, loved it!
and yes that plate of mentaiko sauce was da bomb, so so good!!
i only wish they were more generous with their serving of the sauce, cos it wasn't enough to satisfy our palate for mentaiko!
nonetheless this is a yummy dish, worth a try!;)

ahh, classic waffles with maple syrup.
can't go wrong with this!
the waffles were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
however, there isn't anything very special about this, no special topping or sauce etc.
so i would say unless you're craving for waffles that day, give this a miss!
cos there are other mains worth trying!;)

grub's cheeseburger!
i didn't try this, but my friend who did said that it was not bad, the patty was done quite well:)
however as u can see from the picture, the cheese doesn't look that appetizing, looks like those cheese u can get from ntuc and they just slapped it on the patty.

as for the fish burger, this one loses out to the cheeseburger apparently! 
(both taste and visually)
seemed like this was abit dry, i would pick a good ol fish fillet from macs over this anytime.

and lastly....the sakura ebi mentaiko pasta!
i'm a hugeeee pasta lover so this one hit all the right spots for me yum yum!
they were quite generous with the prawns and the mix of olive oil and mentaiko served as the perfect dressing for the pasta.
it wasn't too mild tasting/bland, nor too "gelat".
i would definitely recommend this to pasta lovers!

and finally a group photo of my batchies!
(sorry, this exposes how long ago this food review is due)
but...better late than never right!!!

till the next;

ps/ daily ramblings on dayre!

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