Friday, 3 July 2015

Tiramisu Hero

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i had a little adventure with mommy to the 'outskirts' of lavender in search of the tiramisu hero the other day.
this cafe is seriously so ulu, i kid you not.
we took about 20 minutes to find this place after alighting from the bus stop.
if you alight at the mrt, it takes even longer than that lol.
the tiramisu hero lists the available buses on their site, alight in front of the temple, its quite obvious, you can't miss it!
anyway, here are some visuals of the cafe itself!
gorgeous decor right?
mom was very impressed, and so was i.
it had a real cozy vibe, accompanied with warm lights and every corner was adorned with quirky pictures of sir antonio (their cat mascot).
there was also a small corner which sold handpicked accessories, shoes, apparels etc!
so while waiting for your food, you can check out that little shopping corner ;)

hola i'm secretly a cat.
(and so is mommy).
mom took some shots for me and i loved the pictures.
enjoy the visuals!

we had lotsa fun with the quirky cushions avail too!!
we ordered their lunch set, mac & cheese and an original tiramisu!
the lunch set is 11.9, comes with mini versions of their curry baked rice, mushroom soup, and pizza.
this is quite worth it since you get to try abit of everything and it adds up to be quite filling!
i tried the baked rice, its an interesting dish, alright but not fantastic.
the mushroom soup is highly raved, and boy was it creamy.
like really super duper creamy, filled with loads of finely grated mushrooms which i liked, but it would have been nicer if it was less creamy and therefore less gelat.

for the mac and cheese, it was ok-ok, i couldn't get pass 3 bites like most crazy cheese filled stuff.
best for sharing imo, and only if you're craving something really cheesy.

the tiramisu, is of course their supposed star dish.
i thought this was alright, the sponge cake itself is abit dry at parts, but soaked with rum at other parts. 
i did like the overall taste though, the cream part was nice and made up for the lacking sponge cake.
my fav cafe tiramisu is still the one at bucktile street though, that one was da bomb, sooo good!

here's what i was wearing that day.
ribbed top from bugis street, heels from h&m, nelly culottes from allwouldenvy.

as you guys know, white is one of my favourite colours of all time!
it may not be my favourite colour but its definitely my favourite colour to wear out;)
so of course i'd have to experiment with a white on white ensemble!
to me, my favourite white on white ensemble would be one that is very chic and modern, and thats how i paired this outfit.
i played around with texture by mixing a ribbed material with a smooth, polyester one, and also played with length by choosing a cropped top with a midi length bottom.
i've been wanting to get a pair of culottes for the longest time now cos it looks super comfy!
and yes this was a right decision indeed, its really comfy and easy to pair, definitely a wardrobe staple;)


ending off with a few visuals from a latest shoot with pyzis:)

this was one of my favourite shoots to date with them haha, cos firstly it was in an air conditioned environment (no sun!!) and secondly we got so many wonderful shots:)
i'll share the pictures soon as they launch the collections over the next few weeks!
for this collection my pick is the printed organza midi skirt.
it has unique prints and due to the material it flounces abit for a semi structured look which i like:)

shop this collection here.

hope you guys enjoyed this food/fashion post!

till the next;

PS/for daily updates, read my dayre!:)

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