Friday, 10 July 2015


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hello everyone!! 
i'm just doing a quick update before packing and stuff!
heading to bkk with sylvia and my mum for a short trip yay:)

anyways, daniel and i visited a book cafe recently!
people who know D will be like.. "what?! daniel went to a book cafe?!"
hahaha yes thats right, the boy has never been much of a bookworm, but i think he quite enjoys it now! ever since i introduced to him brandon sanderson's mistborn trilogy:)

i was already abit tired after 1.5hrs of reading and asked if he wanted to go take a stroll along robertson quay, but he was like "wait wait! let me finish this part omg damn exciting"
well, all i can say is...people do change (for the better in this case) haha!!

here's us with the iconic colourful bridge which i do not know its name hahaha.

le boy is my photographer again hehe.
i felt quite bad cos he perspired taking these shots, and he was about to eat his dunkin donuts when i asked if he could take a few shots for me oops :x
so yes, please know that these photos came at a great cost(of D not being able to eat his donuts) hahaha, so enjoy the visuals!!

i'm wearing the keira eyelet dress from allwouldenvy!

here's a candid of D, which looks so effortlessly good again?! im envious -_-

headed back to orchard cos we wanted to chill at ion sky, one of our fav spots.
but...apparently ion sky only opens from 3-6pm from now onwards!!
say what?! :( then on weekdays locals don't need to visit alr right, since 3-6 is basically working hours.
good job ion management, wonderfully thought out -_-

so yes albeit the disappointment, we still have each other's company so thats good enough.
unplanned matchy matchy white otd, taken by a zai passerby haha:)

till the next;

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