Saturday, 25 July 2015


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i've been wanting to go to gardens by the bay's tulip exhibition, so daniel took half day day off on a random monday and off we went!!
plus my favourite tiah works there so she got the tickets for us with staff discount!;)

let's compare the girls vs guys' reaction when going to a dome full of flowers heh.

typical girl reaction: looking so excited already hehe.

typical guy reaction: grumpy D hahaha
no la just kidding, we both had fun and enjoyed some time alone together since the cloud forest was practically empty! (we went there at 9am, madness i know)
annoying D took this unglam when i asked him to take a selfie together instead -_-
well, at least my hair colour looks quite nice? everything else cmi hahaha

cloud forest was more chill, just walking the treetop walk and enjoying the refreshingly cold temperature.
sneaked a snapshot of mbs while transitting to the flower dome!

hehe who ask u take my unglam just now!! >)
i love daisies!! they're as cute as a button hehe.
so far all the flowers D ever got me were daisies haha.
seriously i cannot stand how he pulls off candids so effortlessly omg. 
what is this!! 
asked the boy to help me stand there while i take test shots and he looked like this haha!
someone's looking really sleepy!
-morning stretch urghhhhh-
"okay i think im awake"

sun. too. blinding. -_-
yay the tulips were beautiful!!
demonstrated to D how i suggested he should pose to look like a flower hahaha.
he told me i was crazy xD

selfie selfie

oh yes! and the tulip exhibition had some "children's classic tales" theme going on as well!
they had cinderalla, grimms brothers, ugly duckling etc!
here's us with the cinderella carriage hehe.

snapped this in like, 3 seconds!
D was very happy photo taking is so efficient for once haha!
top from lovebonito, wool skirt from jrunway.

thanks for reading guys!

till the next;

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