Sunday, 19 July 2015


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hello everyone!
i'm sharing visuals from pyzis' newest collection, which is a monochrome themed one.
Direct link here!
i really like the photos from this shoot, the first series of white on white being my absolute favourite.
i love the ethereal, light feel of this outfit.
personally, i find it very fulfilling when i get to try something fresh and new in shoots, which happened in this particular shoot.
i got to play with space and abit of height elements, and learn to position myself to make the outfit stand out more, like in this picture below i draped the skirt over the ledge to show the details in full fledged glory.

a lot of people think that 'modelling' (blogshop modelling in this case) is super easy, you just stand there and pose and look pretty. 
but really, i can't emphasize more on how thats not true.
each shoot is different and to take normal, mediocre shots each time is easy.
but it is definitely challenging if you want to up the standard and work with the surroundings to produce something of better quality which shows creativity as well.

 (excuse the random hair flip hahaha)

 this second series features simple spag tops with crochet details, in classic colours like black and white. (white is not shown here).
those who know me will know that i'm not one to wear black if i had a choice haha.
so well, i get to step out of my comfort zone in shoots!

and what i like most about this series is the mirror shots, which was the first time i played with reflections and learnt to position my face so the angles turn out well.
sadly the lighting was not so on point, so even with editing it didn't turn out as nice as i wished it would be,
 and the last of the series, the black version of the mesh skirt.
the skirt comes with inner lining btw, so its only sheer from slightly above the knees to the ankles.

hope you guys enjoyed this visual post and the little bite sized information on modelling haha.

till the next;

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