Friday, 26 June 2015


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i feel extremely happy penning down this post cos i just had an awesome meetup with le bestie nipoo and we had great food!
ah, the simple joys in life.

we were both craving asian food (i'm abit sick of brunch food already..) so we opted for korean fare!
we met up on a public holiday and luckily, the restaurant was open.
 kko kko nara is located at tanjong pagar, just a 7 mins walk away from the mrt and is relatively easy to find!:)

we ordered their famous soy sauce fried chicken and army stew and boy was it good!
the chicken is a must try, we loved the sauce and it was fried well!
of course it can't compare to the actual ones in korea but this was already very good imo!
the army stew was more normal, it consisted of a spicy soup base, with ramyeon, toppokki, sausages, mushrooms, veggies, luncheon meat etc!
tbh its something that can be whipped up at home, but it was tasty la, especially since i was craving it so bad!
the bill came up to about 25per pax for this meal, and i think its a tad bit pricey but i would visit kko kko nara again, for its good service and yummy food.

i wore a comfy thin cotton shift dress, which is rather cute and the perfect choice for a heavy lunch cos its loose;)
andddd, it comes with pockets, which i'm SO obssessed with nowadays!!
the series of photos below are taken by nics:)
for goofy, behind the scenes pictures, head to my dayre!;)

pardon our crazy hair, had a very jialat bad hair day pffft.
but somehow i loved the slight messy, raw effect it helped portray in the series of half body shots below.

some derp face for you? hehehe

we wanted to catch cinderella but time wasn't quite on our side, so we settled for dessert at quarter to three, which is just a stone hop away from kko kko nara!
their desserts are quite pricey imo, the tiramisu and apple crumble was about 9.8 each.
the tiramisu is not bad, creamy texture but a bit overladen with rum.
as for the apple crumble, it was alright but nothing special. 
i thought it would be nicer if they didn't drizzle the strawberry sauce all over it.
probably won't be frequenting quarter to three any time soon since there are more affordable and tastier dessert shops around!
also, no plus points cos it wasn't photogenic enough to have its photo taken oops.

till the next;

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