Friday, 4 July 2014


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Hola! Just a pictorial post today! 

Here's a look i created for willowfawn's photoshoot sometime back:)

Used Dollywink's 01 which i got from Japan for a doll-like look! 
And the curls are created by blowing dry, on the cold setting though!:)

Absolutely love a good hair day hahaha

& here are some sneak peeks from the shoot!:) 
Loving all the items from this collection, can't wait for it to be launched;)


Hope you guys love the pics as much as i do! 
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Oh yes, and i keep forgetting to post this review so here it is! 
Not sure if you guys can tell but this is about... 9 months late OOPS :x

//pictorial update//

Top from Love Bonito
Skirt from Aforarcade
Bag from Samantha Thavasa
Shoes from Pedro

For the LB Bahama Top, i've reviewed it here before for the one in blue:) For this yellow/daffodil piece, colour is true to the last picture, the first few are abit overexposed. 

As for the Aforarcade Neoprene Skirt in White, it may come as a surprise but i don't actually have much white skirts! I have it in different textures like lace, embossed etc but not one thats more on the plain side that i can pair with other textured/tops with more details. So this definitely made the cut:) This is actually the first neoprene item i owned and i have to say i love the material! Now i know why everyone's head over heels over neoprene haha. Its uber smooth, slightly squishy(like a thin layer of sponge) and basically very flattering because it has a semi-structured nature. Love the pleats as well, very pretty ;) Got this in the smallest size, XS i think, fits me well(UK4/6 for high waist bottoms)! Overall a really nice piece to own!

Also, as requested on askfm here's a list of fragrances that top my list/im currently in love with.
Pst, Philosophy's Field of Flowers is included too but not pictured here!

Thats all for now, will update more after blocks officially end next week!

xoxo ;)

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