Thursday, 19 June 2014

French Rose

// pre //

Hair by Joyce of Salon Vim (Bugis outlet)

(what was i thinking when i asked for straight jap bangs lol, luckily it has grown out now hehe.)

// main //

Lace Sweetheart Top from SLG
Skirt from Bershka
Shoes from H&M
Bag from EZ

Review(SLG): Quality for this is pretty good! Its a self manufactured design, features slight textured embossments and a sweetheart neckline. The fit for this is quite good as well though its free size, its elasticized at the back and has a side zip for easy wearing. I think this is a good basic to have:) It goes well with everything really! I think its available in other solid colours and floral prints as well, solid colours will make great basics while the floral print ones are good as statement pieces:) A worth it item to get in my opinion!:)


Life has revolved around mugging nowadays, but even while mugging, one needs food right!! Right? .___.

So anyways, been pigging out recently hehe.

Crepe Cakes at Lady M.

 Matcha and classic vanilla both were good. Quite a unique kind of 'cake' albeit the over creaminess towards the end.

(not so cheap) thrills.
Salmon x more salmon from cold storage one random afternoon to satisfy my sashimi cravings while studying:)

I'm usually more of a junk food person :x But aft fattie finished all the junk food in the pantry i had no choice but to go for the healthier option, which turned out really nice haha. I think im a fruit convert hahaha


To end off...
here are some pictures from Willowfawn's latest launch;)

 This has got to be my fav collection thus far, because i really do love every single item in the launch!

Gingham Crop Top in Lilac
 my close friends will know im head over heels over gingham prints right now, so this top is major loveeee ;)
 I'm also super into kimonos/floral shrugs! And this one has super cute petite floral prints!!

 Gotta love these little details ;)
 & here's how the kimono looks like upclose cos i know the lighting in the photoshoot pics makes it not that obvious! But believe me its even prettier in real life :)
 And def my fav (if not tied with the kimono!) of the collection, this SUPER flattering skater dress! Gotta admit when i first saw it i was just like "oh the prints are rly nice:)" then when i wore it for the photoshoot i was like "omg the fit is so damn good!!" So yes i reaaaaally love this dress!

 For the full launch hop over to Willowfawn! :)

For my readers, quote FEL1OFF for a dollar off each item, applicable storewide ;)

Till the next;


  1. hi May I know the location for this willowfawn collection?

    1. Hi so sry im nt supposed to reveal photoshoot locations hope u understand!><