Sunday, 27 July 2014

Fleur de Gold

/ / p r e / / 


Babydoll Dress from Twistpolka
Bag from C&K
Shoes from preorder shop (forgot which one)

Review: Made of really good material, i think its a mix of polyester and neoprene-ish material, feels luxe to the touch! Love the golden orange floral prints as well:) Its printed on but this kind isn't the type to fade easily:) Its features a babydoll cutting, which is usually not flattering in my opinion but surprisingly this one looks really good! It retains the slight pouf of babydoll cuttings but is slightly cut in at the waist then flared out very nicely at the bottom half, two thumbs up!:) The only thing that may be of slight problem is the length, its abit short but for my height i think its still alright:) Really love this piece alot hehe, am considering getting other colours too!

/ / m a i n / /

Had brunch with my fav cafe hopping buddy nikks! We went back to Kith Cafe cos we missed their smoked salmon pizza the other time! (they only serve it after 3pm)
And i'm glad we made a trip back cos it was worth it! So yums hehe.

I would say their pizza is pretty worth it! For about 20 per pizza, it can serve two so that comes up to 10 per pax which is reasonable imo especially since its salmon pizza!:) Plus its yums ;)

We went shopping after that (whats new!) and it was a fruitful trip hehe. 

Of course we had to take a selfie before parting ways ;) Both of us are like cui max tho :x

A bit late but...some happenings in school! We got back our PW results and... our whole class got As!! So happy :')
All those nights of toiling and report writing till 3/4am then going to school at 6 like a zombie certainly paid off:)

Our fav Miss Tina is a PW goddess hahaha! (which is quite legit cos its her first yr teaching pw and yes 100% A rate hehe)
Best PW groupmates ever :') So thankful to all of you for making PW much more tolerable though i still think PW as a whole is super burden :x
Happy class photo! Its so apt that zhao is wearing her "A" hoodie that day hahaha!

Till the next;

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