Saturday, 12 July 2014


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Went for Athena faculty outing some time back with my batchies and i'm finally posting this after yunmei nagged at me today hahaha! Okay la more like kindly reminded me not to neglect this space XD 

I know its a social event but i was kinda lazy to blow dry my hair properly so it looks kinda messy :x
& i remember i promised a hair post too so yes i'll get it done soon!

Went for a brown based eyeshadow paired with gold shimmers in the centre of the lid and dark brown as definition for the outer corners. 
I think this would be suitable for a daily look considering how the colours used are all neutral tones:)

/ / m a i n / /

Before meeting the rest i had brunch with yunmei and jiahao and D'Good Cafe first!:) 
Finally got to try this place after hearing so much about it:)

Pricing was surprisingly really decent! We ordered a Waffle with Ice Cream and Eggs Benny to share and the total came up to $10.25 per pax:) Prices stated on the menu are already inclusive of GST and service charge, and don't belittle these cos they add up to alot!
The eggs benny are pretty decent! Nothing extraordinary but not bad as well:) I just wish cafes don't use vinaigrette dressing for the salad when it comes to eggs benny cos it does meddle with the taste of the hollandaise sauce :x
Waffles! This is pretty good:) Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside:)

Oh and do try their drinks! I didn't order but jiahao let me try his chocolate milkshake or smth and it was really rich and decadent! Good for people who love sweet stuff ;)

Another awesome thing about D'Good is that the ambience and interior deco is super pretty! It has 2 levels and each level is beautifully decorated:) I like the second floor best cos they had the swings hehe. Not very practical when eating main meals but nice for just chilling out and stuff:)


Yunmei helped me take some OTDs as well since the background seemed quite nice:)

Bandage Top from Threadtheory
Printed Skirt from MDS
Bag from Lovets

& these are a few taken before heading out:)

Review(MDS Skirt): Bought this at their flagship store at Plaza Sing and there was a discount for purchase of two items and above so me and nikks got matching skirts;) We both loved the print of this skirt which is a really pretty baroque mix of cerulean blue, dark blue and light blue. Its made of stretchy polyester mix which i think is good cos it makes the fit better. I got mine in size S and it fits really well, usually for these pencil/A-line skirts the waist area will be too loose for me but because of the material for this one it fits well. It features two silver zips at the front too for easy wearing, which i think is a nice twist to the conventional/boring side zip. The only thing i would say could be improved is the length, its definitely on the short side and i won't recommend it to anyone taller than 1.6 :x But overall for me personally i really like the print of the skirt so its a good investment;) 

We took a last photo after that and headed down to the faculty outing venue:)

& this is the venue for Athena FO! It was held at NUS Guild House, and it def does not look like a school lol, too atas! More of like a ballroom haha.

Photo taking time with the pretty balloons!!

Took a combined photo with Nat/Mat and Salubres as well, cos we had a joint performance with them for Pompeii!

The guys' shot turned out blurry oops!
The girls' one is really nice though i have to say:)

And more photos at their makeshift photobooth, which is basically made of coloured crepe paper. But still better than nothing!

I was like lets take silly photos and then everyone was like "HOW???" and made me demo so okayyy hahaha

In the end we just stuck to glam hahaha (except belle cos she's cute like that XD)
The guys (tenors at least) are obviously better at this silly thing hahaha

Basses! Ever so prim and proper hahah

Nah who am i kidding XD
Im glad that as performers we got to take pics with the pretty banner before it got removed! Most people didn't get to take with it cos they removed it when everyone arrived.

Hehe everyone looks so cute here ^^

Selfie with mui and tzeshe!

And yingxian!:)

clarissa and yumei:)
final shot with juniors before calling it a day!

To be honest i've never liked social events much :x Its just too crowded and there's so many people you can't help but feel conscious somehow.
And i'm just not good at making friends (too shy><)
But i guess when you spend it with such awesome company it makes everything much better :)

Till the next;

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